Am I being discriminated against for being Welsh, IN WALES?

This train of thought started when I read this article: Thousands of struggling bank customers will be connected to Indian call centres while more affluent account holders will get one in Britain. Eddy Weatherill of the Independent Banking Advisory Service said: ‘This is an apartheid system and certainly preferential to their wealthier customers. ‘This is not intended to give the best advice, but a chance to make more money.’


I saw 3 friends yesterday who both thought I have been discriminated against by the “doctors” in Neath as I had the audacity to have a complaint against one of their own.  Dr RB John being described by one as “that fucking twat of a man so much up his own arse that he has forgotten how to be a man.” One was a patient and said surely I deserve more respect, as I was OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK 100% NHS and you can’t even get a NHS Dentist now. What about my sister said he, so I told him. He then made some insulting remark about her and her husband which I cannot repeat here but maybe someone will get the gist. I first spelt that word as jist but the 3rd explanation is a bit “OFF COLOUR” but then I do feel I am being f*cked by the NHS in Wales because of Dr RB John.

Hence the reason I wish to kill myself rather than have the NHS do it for me. Interpreted by people as a threat to COMMIT SUICDE.

Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives and health.

At University in the 1970’s I had a friend who, was a 2nd generation Indian called Krishna G*****a, I called him Harry, and he called me Idris. We both lived in Wood Green and met every day on the way to college, as we had done for many years previously. Colour/Racial prejudice didn’t exist in my mind-set then as I had multi-racial friends, Guyanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, Africans and even English LOL. I say that as I too received racial insults as I was Welsh but as the Rugby Team were good in those days I ignored them and gave back as good as I got.

I remember, with great clarity, experiencing RACIAL DISCRIMINATION first/second hand one morning coming out of Warren Street Tube Station, London. We both had unlit cigarettes and Krish asked one guy for a light. The response was ASTOUNDING. The white guy said “FUCK OF PAKI” and a bit more with equal venom and then saw me with my fag close to my mouth and asked me if I wanted a light. I managed to say no. Krish was BOUNCING, … fuck me he was angry and I didn’t know what to do as he pushed me away calling ME all the names under the sun. I tried to say I was his mate and that I was amazed at that response also but to no avail. That sentence does no justice to how I actually reacted or felt.

The last words Krish said to me was, I believe, Fuck off and then some phrases in his now, second language. He left college and I never saw hin again. I will always remember that day.


In 1976 I was working in an Oxford Street Dental Practice and had to have an agency Dental Nurse as my nurse was away because of her pregnancy. SO an Afro-Caribbean nurse turned up. Suffice it to say that she sat on her arse ALL day, not even taking off her coat, staring out my surgery window refusing to work or even speak. The receptionist, 2 hygienists and my colleagues nurse tried to talk to her to no avail so the 4 of them split their day assisting me. She drank our coffee and ate our toast however.

I took legal advice from the Medical Defence Union when I was asked to sign her “work sheet” and they said, say nothing and don’t sign it, which I did. Some weeks later I was accused of being a Racist as SHE said that I did not sign the sheet because she was black (could use that word then). A few exiting months later I had to pay her compensation of £300 as I was FOUND AT FAULT.


Roll forward 30 years and I have been denied proper and safe Medical treatment recently by one “doctor” qualified in Bombay and another, I believe, that has a non UK qualification. Both psychiatrists that have refused to treat me are of Asian origin. The “doctor” that performed the 4th angiogram, the legacy of which STILL continues, was of Indian origin. Initially I had great respect for that man, we were on Christian name terms and shook hands each time we parted, apart from the day after that angiogram. I sadly lost respect for him over subsequent visits as I tried to get him to investigate the extreme pain etc in my right hand/ wrist.

AND this all the current HELL started because Dr RB John, a graduate of Dublin  University, intentionally destroyed my career and so because of him, I receive discrimination from almost ALL “doctors, GP’s” in Neath, West Glamorgan. Discrimination as hurtful as RACISM. I say that as the denial of treatment since 2007 has been received from foreign doctors. I just got insulting remarks from the British trained ones, as they are friends of Dr RB John. Drs R Lewis, G Kahan and of course my fkn sister Dr KE James.

YET the General Surgeon, the Orthopaedic Consultant treat me with respect. As did the Casualty officers, all of which I had difficulty in understanding BUT showed great professional courtesy and skills except the one that misdiagnosed a broken scaphoid bone.


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