Sorry we let your dad rape you both for 25 years

A father was free to use his daughters as sex slaves for three decades because more than 100 care workers were too scared to stop him, a devastating report revealed yesterday.

SO just being denied medical treatment and answers following an intentional misdiagnosis by a senior doctor in West Glamorgan is nothing. I just lost my life, career and health.

I wonder if I will ever get Pat Bevan, for example, to say sorry for ignoring the facts as EVERY fkn person I ask for help does nothing.

I have said that the relationship between all so called medical professionals in Neath is INCESTUOUS  as they ALL seem to love themselves and each other as they are stuck up their own arses, playing god.

JOBSWORTHS a worker with more power than wit or wisdom. Often a low-ranking member of staff, a jobsworth will follow procedure and dictat to the letter, believing their responsibility to be all-encompassing and of potentially international importance, and who uses the phrase “As we have discussed” and “Further to our conversation yesterday, you agreed…”, copying in their and your manager ‘for reference’ when in reality it’s to cover their back should anything go wrong, thus meaning they will not take any responsibility and you’ll be left looking like a mug.

or here

I speak to 3 people every day, THEY insist I speak to them as at least THEY show care but as for the “doctors”in West Glamorgan.

and of course Dr RB John

The radio played this song as I wrote paragraph 3


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