bullying a NHS Dentist to death

I recognise that you remain concerned about the treatment available to you. I see from your email of 5 February that you have been referred to the psychiatric services, and I hope they are able to offer you the help and support that you need during this difficult time.

In view of the concerns we had about the references you made about committing suicide, and with your own safety and well-being in mind, we informed you that we had brought this matter to the attention of your doctor. I note your disappointment with our decision to share your email with your GP, however, in the circumstances we felt that this action was necessary and in your best interests to act swiftly.

Unfortunately, we have reached the stage where there really is nothing more we can do. I would however encourage you to continue to discuss any concerns you have about your health and treatment with your GP and appropriate local health services.


Pat Vernon, Head of Improving Patient Safety Team,Quality, Standards and Safety Improvement Directorate, Health and Social Services Directorate General

Proving that she, if she actually exists and is not a robot, has refused to listen/read my letters to her BECAUSE if she exists then patients in Wales are of little importance to her.

But Dr RB John is defended to the end, the end of MY LIFE.              www.mad-dentist.co.uk

My reply:

This letter was drafted on the 20th January as I anticipated, correctly, the contents of your reply. As usual in the NHS in Wales I feel I am talking to a brick wall, to people that just have absolutely no understanding or intention to understand. I feel that I am writing to a machine each time I receive a reply, all programmed to say the same thing. Hollow political replies ignoring the real question.

I am very reticent about seeing my GP now considering his comment that returning with similar symptoms is a recurring feature and so I am denied access to emergency treatment. I have continually asked about what happened to me in 1998 and have been continually denied answers. Also more than sufficient time has elapsed since you referred my email to Alfred street surgery and I have had no contact from him what ever. I again interpret your response as a wish for me to kill myself.

I assume I have been referred to the Psychiatrists, Drs Ballasurryia and Muthakkumar both of whom have said, more than once according to Dr F Gama of Castle Surgery that they refuse to see me again. So for them to accept me now as a patient, would be seen as an admission of previous negligence. If and when I get referred they will again humiliate me, as they did before, by REFUSING to listen to me, as you do. The Crisis Team, as did Dr Ballasurryia, have said that I deserve answers as I have been abysmally treated by the NHS, proven now by your response. The Crisis Team also said that no medication or treatment was available for me for the way I felt at that moment, which was interpreted by Dr Mudally at the time, as a desire to KILL MYSELF. So I repeat the NHS DO WANT me to commit suicide as they have denied me treatment for the way I feel at the moment. I wished too die rather than have the NHS do it for me.

I have endured a campaign of intimidation since making my complaint against Dr RB John a campaign designed to scare and discredit me. I can easily see that people in the Medical community are making me pay for what I did in standing up against Dr RB John, by humiliating me and denying me proper medical treatment. Your responses as head of Improving Patient Safety Team, Quality, Standards and Safety Improvement Directorate just serve to confirm this. I assume the response was sanctioned by the Health Minister.

Please can you help me get some peace? Knowing I am right in my quest but unable to get resolution makes my future very uncertain and extremely precarious. I am in a situation where I have no one to speak too, no one to consult, no one to support me and I feel so depressed and desperately lonely. I sadly again have confirmation of your wish for me to die. The NHS in Wales want me out of the way, you want me to kill myself. Then all this will end.

It is easy to sit in judgement of others – it is much harder to admit the faults and failings, which exist in the NHS in Wales and thus begin to understand the problems from the patient’s perspective, which from your title should be of prime importance, obviously not. Why do you not show that you do actually care about patient safety and order a review of my case? As I have compelling evidence which shows how easily it is for a corrupt medical practitioner to influence a complaint against him and yet you resolutely deny, by not addressing the problem, that this is OF NO CONCERN to your department.

I awoke standing on my bed and screaming at 03.00 this morning after another nightmare. I CANNOT take much more.

Thank you for wishing me to die but I am sure you are proud that you are doing your job to the “letter”. It would be interesting if you could explain again exactly what your job entails with reference to my FOI request and your reply now? To say “I would however encourage you to continue to discuss any concerns you have about your health and treatment with your GP and appropriate local health services” shows you have spent little time reading my responses.


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2 Responses to “bullying a NHS Dentist to death”

  1. Rigoberto Rury Says:

    Wow, this is extremely nice info, much appreciated.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hope you don’t feel insulted by me writing that I am glad to see you and your blog still here. Insulted, because I know you struggle so and might think me patronising.

    Is not the case.

    My voice has been missing from blogland of late. Sometimes I can’t put into words how it is…or am not in place to do so.

    Rattling along, battling along and heading off now

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