Suicide 5th February 2010

I therefore have been asked to let you know that as the content of your e-mail gave us cause for concern we have passed it to your GP at the *************  in the interests of your safety and well being

from the Welsh Assembly Government when I suggested that the NHS want me to commit kill myself/commit suicide. But no response from my GP so am I right?? Also is he not referring me because he wants that money for himself???

So since Christmas 2009 I have been taken to my Doctor as “I gave my friends some cause for concern”. January 11th 2010. He did nothing

I went to the GP because someone from the Practitioner Healthcare Program was very worried about the way I was speaking  February 4th 2010 THe GP said my suicidal ideation was becoming a recurring theme.

and then that email from the Welsh Assembly Government 5th February

THREE TIMES IN THREE WEEKS and the NHS Wales does nothing. THREE times.

 Other people feared for me and I was referred  to the Crisis Team where they said I was right in feeling the way I do but no treatment or help would be available as they did ABSOLUTELY nothing about the way I felt, the very reason I saw them. The GP said in his referral note that I had tried to hang myself…….yet I get no treatment for that desire. I “tried to hang myself” because of the way the NHS have treated me and am told that I am right in feeling as I do  BUT I can get no treatment. SO they say I am right to have attempted hanging or  SUICIDE but will do nothing to stop me doing so again ie GO AND KILL YOURSELF QED

OTHER PEOPLE have recently feared for my intention to kill myself, I DIDN’T SAY I AM GONNA KILL MYSELF, they were worried about the way I was speaking.

People interpret my conversation, prose or attitude as intentions to end my life and they see me as a high risk suicide. YET I can get absolutely NO help from the NHS for my attitude or the way I portray myself. An attitude THEY interpreted as a desire to kill myself.  

BUT I have been twice told I am justified to feel as I do and yet they offer me no treatment . Thus by logical extension I am justified in my to wish to kill myself.

Because no one will do anything to stop me feeling as I do.

So it seems the NHS do wish for me to commit suicide.

I told my sister I might as well kill myself thanks to her dearest Dr RB John but then of course that is what that c*nt wants.


The fight now starts in the Local Rag, if my second comment is still there. Please read my response to bruiser who was my next door neighbour when I was married. 

He is a good example of people knowing fuck all and thinking they know everything. God, how many other people do I know in Wales like that????


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