Patronising sh*t

Got an extremely patronising letter from my nephew stating the obvious following  this post but showing that my sister is STILL defending her dear Dr RB John. It was a wonderfully arrogant political-style answer. ie ignoring the main point…..her complicity in my destruction. But showing a “caring response” by stating the fkn obvious and thus treating me with the contempt and discrimination shown to “mental patients”.

Also I got insulted and suicide treated as a joke by three people last Wednesday. I had planned for all eventualities but that one, of course. More on that later. But suffice it to say I have had my musical career STOPPED DEAD.


I see someone “googled” me with the phrase:  dr alyn james blog . I would like to strongly say I AM NOT A DOCTOR. That title is an honourary title and I have ABSOLUTELY NO WISH to be associated with such a corrupt body of individuals.  I am Mr Alyn James as Dr RB John made sure I would never reap any rewards from 23 years as a NHS Dentist.

I have NO DESIRE TO PORTRAY MYSELF as something I am not, unlike Dr RB John. and Dr KE James. They think they ARE gods so please treat them with the respect they deserve by prostrating yourself in front of them whenever you see them. One is not fit to look them in the eyes.


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