I had a dream

I felt dreadfully tired after having a filling replaced on Friday and HAD to go to bed on my  return for an “emergency kip”

I dreamt that everybody that messed up my life was in my house, so I went to the kitchen to get a knife to get rid of them!! I was screaming and the last I remember was trying to stab them all but I was unable to hold the knife and it kept “GOING FLOPPY” like it was made of string. Everyone was laughing at me and taking MY stuff out the front door.

I awoke in a sweat, tied up in my duvet. I needed to talk but no one to talk to. Miss you Debs.


And then I read this about my nephew. He is now working for CAB in Neath and his post has destroyed ANY chance I now have of help from them. He may be good at his job but his mother is a despicable, and corrupt retired doctor as she STILL covers up for Dr RB John. Thus allowing the total destruction of her brother. AND I think I know why. Is itthe influence of her husband, because in that dream I was trying to stab HIM? His laughing face was the reason I awoke.

I say this from knowing him for many many years and also remembering what he said to me, Professor RED Bishop ( my father-in-law) and Humph, his brother, in Haileybury Woods the Sunday after my son’s christening.

But I still wonder what hold Dr RB John has over her? What cover up did HE perform to stop a complaint against her, maybe?? Has she avoided discovery for her poor medical skills by his skills at deceit?? Has she GOT AWAY WITH IT thanks to Dr RB John Why didn’t she do anything? If she knew before then why didn’t she tell me? How did she know I was in hospital cos I don’t remember telling her?? So many more questions, so-o many.

 Medical Opinion  with attached  Compliment slip was ALL I received and yet Dr RB John is exemplary and yet the Welsh Assembly do nothing. And then there is the letter from Heath House Priory where it states ONE YEAR LATER ONE YEAR AFTER I WAS RETIRED that I WILL NOT be able to return to dentistry.


Seems the NHS are doing what Lord Hutton is doing. He has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence. The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death,

an establishment cover-up In the NHS’s case they almost deny the truth even exists. Bit like (say) T Blair saying “wot war???” 

Just like the NHS in Wales seemingly is covering up for Dr RB John

Dr R L, Dr G K, Dr F G, Dr KE J to name 4 doctors.


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