Welsh Assembly Government letter 07/01/2010

Dear Mr James,

Thank you for your further letters of 11 December and 4 January.

I am sorry that I have not been able to provide you with the answers you are looking for, and that you feel that not enough has been done to address the concerns you have about the decisions made with regard to your treatment in 1998.

I must point out that the Welsh Assembly Government itself has no direct role in the handling of individual complaints, which must be dealt with through the procedures set up for this purpose, and can only advise complainants on the options they can follow, or the assistance that is available to them to help take their concerns forward.

The Minister and Assembly officials have, on numerous occasions, provided you with clear advice on how to take your concerns forward with the NHS organisations, and in some cases contacted the local health services directly on your behalf in an effort to help resolve your complaints. I recognise that you are disappointed with the position, but there really is nothing further that the Assembly Government can usefully add to that.

Given the impasse we appear to have reached, I do not believe it would be productive for us to continue corresponding with you on these issues. I am however pleased to hear that you are happy with the level of services you are receiving from your current GP surgery, and wish you the best for the future. ( imagine what I said now as I do not wish to live much longer like this. One could interpret this as “piss off, kill yourself, we don’t care” Auspices of Fair Comment )

from the Improving Patient Safety Team, Quality, Standards and Safety Improvement Directorate, Health and Social Services Directorate General, Welsh Assembly Government.

A Freedom of Information request about the post revealed this:

In response to your question about my role, whilst it is not necessary to treat this question as a Freedom of Information request, I am happy to explain that my role within the Quality, Standards and Safety Improvement Directorate, is to develop policies and advise the Minister on matters relating to complaints about health services and serious incidentsI also deal with correspondence sent to the Minister by members of the public, raising concerns about health services.

I will make no more comments, apart from that above, because I would probably regret it later.

As Steve Mckroskey said in Airplane 1980: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking/ smoking/ sniffing glue/ amphetamines


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