New Years Honours

I award NHS Wales the Order of the Brown Nose as they rigidly adhere to HAGBARD’s Law as they ALL defend Dr RB John.


I had a telephone call last night at 19.00 hours from Neath Port Talbot Hospital arranging an appointment for me to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon. Should be interesting to see who sent THAT appointment, as if I didn’t know, and what the referral letter talked about. I thanked the lady and managed to get her to laugh a little.

If it is about my right thumb/wrist and from Gama then that only took TWO YEARS for him to fkn listen and why only after I left, sorry , he ejected me from Castle Surgery as I had NO CONFIDENCE with the GP’s in that surgery (My opinion of all the Doctors there, except 2) Was it a sign of panic from him??? Cos that “man” has denied me treatment. As the refusal of the nurse, pre BP monitor, to contact a doctor as they were very busy men. .

2 years after I FIRST asked about the pain in my right wrist radiating from MY THUMB, a pain that started IMMEDIATELY after my 4th angiogram. TWO fucking years I have waited.

Two fucking years I suffered the abuse from those charlatans especially Lewis and Kahan. ALtho’ LIlley and Kirwadkar deserve an honourable mention for showing themselves to be arrogant . I refused to see Dr Sheehan after the first time I heard this insult (Can’t have no pulse etc in my arm as my arm would go blue and fall off”) for the 1st time.

Also got written proof that Dr RB John and Sheehan and Lewis are “longtime friends”… YEH I knew that cos they forget I was on the outside of their  group being the brother of a colleague and partner of DR RB John. ( I wonder if that rumour is true that Dr John was shagging my sister??) Makes me feel sick just thinking about that.

Oh yeh and written proof of the corruption surrounding the “so called Complaint” against Dr RB John. Seems my nickname of him Dr Dai Sheepman is accurate as the number of people shown to be  defending him increases exponentially.


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