My Medical Notes, or part of them at least…

Just been looking in my Medical Notes.

Interestingly some professional letters were NOT COMPLETE.

First page present but it was obvious from reading that the continuation was missing. Altho’ it could have misfiled as my notes were not chronologically arranged. They were very chaotic and it was very hard to follow the treatments.

Also Dr RB John said/WROTE that he rang me in Heath House, but I probably forgot it. YET he said I was incapable of looking after the running of a Dental Practice as one of the reasons I was hospitalised and yet he expected me to close the practice FROM  A PSYCHIATRIC UNIT WHILST ON HEAVY MEDICATION. Well for one thing I only received ONE telephone call from my receptionist telling me NOONE had turned up as promised. The Psychiatrist BANNED me from receiving ANY telephone calls. He also said/wrote  he was there for me YET REFUSED TO TELL ME WHAT WAS GOING ON.

In any case if he was so perfect why did he reply, to the complaint, I do not remember. Why did he not PROVE he was exemplary and stop all this. The reason is of course is because HE KNEW he had failed , or as my sister said HE MEANT WELL. This of course says he is useless as a doctor.

Maybe the letters from Dr S Johns, Consultant Psychiatrist that disputed his claim, in the Medical Opinion, that I was a high risk suicide.

I was told that my practice would be under Health Authority control at that telephone call YET the 1st letter regarding that was dated SEPTEMBER 1998, and I was hospitalised on June 11th 1998. By September I was in the middle of Bankruptcy proceedings. Also found out that I was hospitalised for TWO and A HALF 2 1/2 months. I thought it was 6 weeks

No sign of the “refusal to treat” letter from Dr Muthakkumar, as told by Dr FG that caused my removal from his list. Or the letters from the Welsh Assembly Government from last year.

Castle Surgery also said I incessantly went on about the variable pulses in both arms. WRONG. I asked about the PAIN IN MY RIGHT WRIST, and also mentioned that the pulse was weak and disappeared on occasions, well Dr McNally couldn’t even feel one. I queried that my left arm was the same pre and post op.

I will post many documents when I receive them, which will be in a week or so, so ready for Christmas.

Many letters exist where it is said I would benefit from TREATMENT and that I am “stuck in the past” AS I CONTINUALLY WENT ON ABOUT WHAT I LOST. But where was the treatment they said I NEEDED?

I lost my Degree, my career and fought bankruptcy IMMEDIATELY on my release TWO AND A HALF MONTHS after being treated as a HIGH RISK SUICIDE. Whilst on medication designed to stop me being anxious and agitated.


and read my thoughts on the Medical Opinion.


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