There IS someone worse off than me ……

No not Mr David Sissling the new chief executive of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board, because he should double his six figure wages if he can deliver for the region, according to one watchdog member. Community Health Council member Derek James has leapt to the defence of David Sissling,  who has been under fire after the Post revealed he was earning up to £200,000.

It is no wonder the Welsh NHS is in such disrepair when they pay figures like this to a Civil Servant and yet close wards, reduce number of beds etc

No not Paul Davies, of the All Wales Directors of NHS, who said a fifth of the £5bn annual health budget was not used correctly, with “extremely costly” mistakes. That is a BILLION POUNDS wasted EVERY YEAR. He says All these mistakes… [are] extremely costly, very expensive. Fuck me and he is in control of our finances and he can say such an obvious statement. but …… Mr Davies told the Assembly finance committee: “Far too many patients end up in the wrong place, either being hospitalised when they shouldn’t be, or they stay in hospital too long, or they stay in primary care, and they should be in hospital. ALL OF WHICH ARE ERRORS MADE BY DOCTORS and they are handsomely paid but know that the NHS will defend them … unless (see later)

I ended up in the wrong place, hospitalised when I shouldn’t be, and PAID FOR BY THE NHS. I have asked, many times,, who paid for my stay and I assume from the lack of responses from the NHS that Finances were illegally used to fund my stay. £300 a day for 6 weeks. AND how much has my complaint cost the NHS so far as they defend Dr RB John, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan.


It is Brian Thomas who is worse off than me.

I have known Brian and Christine for maybe 24 years. They were both initially patients and we used to meet up occasionally, after my divorce, for a few swift halves on a Saturday night in town. I am in shock that this horror could EVER have happened to 2 such lovely people. Words fail me.

It is said, by the uncaring, that no matter how bad your life is, there’s always someone who is in a worse situation. That’s suppose to cheer you up. But it doesn’t, it fucking makes you angry.


Unless of course you are caught, allegedly, choking your chicken outside a school. The Doctor said he had a habit of shaking his leg which might have led to the girls mistakenly thinking he was masturbating. HAHAHA!!! Shouldn’t larf tho’ poor girl.

Maybe he is the new Elvis:  As his nickname of “Elvis the Pelvis” was gained by what the then establishment called ” His obscene movements”.  Although banned from being filmed from the waist down on TV, because of his movements , by the mid 50’s Elvis had become the most popular singer in America.



or a hospital doctor accused a consultant of killing four patients to spite him after being suspended for sexual harassment, a medical watchdog heard today.

I do not side with Dr Korashi in ANYWAY at all BUT he DOES say some good stuff about a Dr A, in HIS case,

not Dr A as in MY case.

he accused the “famous racist team” of Mr A and another doctor of persecuting him and “committing the most incredible offences and trying to destroy me“. Mr Allen said: “He goes so far as to say ‘Mr A is putting patients’ lives at risk to satisfy his racist motives. He acts as if he is above the law and the clinical directors do nothing to stop him’.” Underlined bits are relevant to Dr RB John.

YET proof exists to show MY Dr A  IS at fault. and so we get back to Paul Davies, of the All Wales Directors of NHS, 

And I am about to write to Mr David Sissling. Is this the same man???  or this. Seems NHS Ireland has the same problems as NHS Wales as David Sissling will play a major part to set up the Authority and put in place the new commissioning arrangements needed to provide patient-focused services.


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