Can’t get to see your GP? Here’s who to blame..

This journalist is lucky that , and I quote, “Doctors tend to be charm personified – once you actually make it into the inner sanctum“.
Obviously hasn’t been to a certain Surgery in Neath, filled with friends of a certain corrupt doctor, intent on humiliating and denying me  treatment. Thank God I have left THAT surgery.

Quite what the doctor is meant to be doing if not seeing his patients, I just don’t understand. Collecting their extra payments for one.

He also says as an intro to complaining about the receptionists :” Should I try a lavish box of chocolates or a sternly worded letter of complaint copied to the director of my local NHS trust?”  As if THAT would work

BUT I have to say that NOW  the receptionists, nursing staff AND Doctors, in my current surgery, ALL perform in a true and professional manner. AS THEY SHOULD!!

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