replace "High risk suicide" with "you have cancer"

That dentist from Australia, that was the trigger for the last post, started me on a spiral of hell as it seems nobody seems to be able to understand MY situation FROM MY SIDE. He is OK ‘cos he is still practicing as a Dentist whereas I was removed from the Dental Register on JUNE 12th 1998, 221/2 hours after that telephone call. NOTHING I could have done COULD have stopped that. AND Dr RB John NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING. In fact that arsehole even DENIED his involvement, in writing, to me. A comment from my response in my  last post. Thanks Sam.

Imagine if I had, for example stomach pains and saw my GP and he then referred me to a specialist and then after ONLY 2 short appointments I received that telephone call but this time telling me I HAD to go to hospital the next day for treatment, say Chemotherapy, Imagine then how I would feel. Imagine how I would feel having had ABSOLUTELY  no idea that I EVEN had Cancer. AND then to only be told by telephone less than 24 hours before treatment started. And to be told I WOULD BE MADE TO GO IF I REFUSED”

Then I have the treatment. Then I receive ABSOLUTELY NO FURTHER TREATMENT on my release.

As I said the doctor even DENIED his involvement TO MY FACE. Imagine that doctor then telling me “to stop snivelling” Imagine that doctor then telling me “that he would not write details of my professional visits in the medical notes” Imagine that doctor then REFUSING TO TREAT ME FOR 18 MONTHS. IMAGINE me getting NO FURTHER TREATMENT apart from the 6 week stay in hospital, Imagine THIS LETTER from the Consultant in the hospital saying “I STILL HAVE CANCER” rather than I “was still fragile” AND still nothing being done.

Imagine then the NHS Complaint where, the marvelously named, Mr D H Simpson said that Dr RB John was now exemplary despite NO DIAGNOSIS and that the “chemo” I received was GOOD TREATMENT DESPITE HAVING NO DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER.

And Dr Dr RB John‘s ONLY REPLY IN RESPONSE to being asked why he arranged the treatment was “I DO NOT REMEMBER” Which proves that his “diagnosis” and “treatment plan” was unsafe, to say the least.

And then I rediscover the Compliment slip and then Dr KE James confirms that the Medical Opinion was “made up” as she has said that she knew Dr RB John HAD made catastrophic errors but she would not interfere. BUT THIS TIME IT WAS CANCER not “fears for my life”

I have ALWAYS said that if Dr A (Dr RB John) had said I had a physical disease say Cancer then at least I would have got treatment and some sort of respect from the Medics in Neath. As my post dated September 2nd 2008 ‘Depression is worse than cancer,’ says NOW Trisha Goddard says THIS ‘Cancer’s not the worst thing I’ve faced, that was depression. With depression, no one brings you flowers, and the doctors can’t operate and tell you you’re free of the disease within weeks. ‘There never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.’

Then I have the same cardio problems and then I go to Dr G Kahan with the same request about the suggested misdiagnosis of my heart condition and then she sends me to the psychiatrist as an ungrateful patient and to stop going on about my CANCER treatment and for me to move on. Imagine Dr Rhyddian Lewis telling me that “something’s will never be resolved” about the now obvious MISDIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT for CANCER.

Would I now be denied treatment for my depression???

Would I be banned from the Psychiatric services in West Glamorgan??

Would the Welsh Health Minister say that there is nothing she “can/will” do? Would my MP and Assembly Member both not reply to many letters???

Would my local evening paper print THIS story and yet refuse to print a story about MY problem. And then I get a visit from the Community support Officer, just at the time Dr RB John became High Sheriff of West Glamorgan.

WOULD I have this reaction from the NHS in Wales if I had had treatment for a misdiagnosed cancer?


What the fuck is the point of me staying alive?

I apologise to all reading who have Cancer and are undergoing treatment at this moment.

I do not intend to lessen the horror of that disease. My Dad died from Bowel Cancer (incidentally Dr R Lewis said “it is amazing I missed that” to my Mum after Dad died, but my sister, Dr KE James, actually REFUSED to help Mum, and me, start an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dad’s death.I respected my Mum’s feelings and so did not start one myself) 3 of my current bunch of friends have colostomy bags and ALL angrily go on about THE DELAYS in getting treatment as their doctors WOULD NOT LISTEN TO THEM. A fourth has had his reversed after, his words, “that c*nt Dr RB John refused to listen to his symptoms and prescribed STEROIDS for 2 years” He, in desperation, had to have an emergency bowel resection performed privately.


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