New health warnings are to be issued over popular cholesterol-lowering drugs after evidence that thousands of users suffer side effects such as depression and sexual problems. More than six million adults who are prescribed statins by their GPs will be told about five new ‘ undesirable effects’ in leaflets issued with packets of the drugs.

These are sleep disturbances, memory loss, sexual dysfunction, depression and a rare lung disease.

What drug did Dr G*** put me on when there is in my medical notes medical proof that I suffered from depression? Simvastatin. where it is said speak with your doctor, (I have and got no answers), if any of these become troublesome: ‘Pins and needles’,(this was due to  the way I sit),  wind, chest pain,( so was this) difficulty sleeping,(told many times to move on) joint pain ( Dr Lilley refused to answer by saying that I did not understand)and back pain, mood changes, (told again to move on) forgetfulness, sexual problems, numbness of the arms (this was also due to  the way I sit) and legs, hair loss, and weakness.

and Bisoprolol where the side effects are, amongst others, Cold or numb extremities,(side effects outweighed as the drug helps WITH MY HEART FAILURE..err what heart failure??) eg hands and feet, Muscle weakness or cramps,(this was due to  the way I sit) Sleep disturbance,(told many times to move on) Depression, (told many times to move on) Nightmares. (ignored)

Bisoprolol also has an additive effect with other medicines that decrease blood pressure, particularly medicines used to treat high blood pressure (antihypertensives). Other medicines that decrease blood pressure include the following: certain antipsychotics and certain antidepressants, eg amitriptyline, phenelzine.

Which was why I insisted Dr Muthakkumar discussed the CLINICAL REASONS ie give me a diagnosis before he prescribed me medication as he INSISTED he wanted to do WITHOUT a diagnosis. Thus showing his negligence as he obviously forgot his diagnosis in 2007. Written in a letter IN MY MEDICAL NOTES. and so he banned me.

SO more quackery.


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