There is nothing left now

It is hard to put into words how I feel now the chaos and hell of the last 18 months since my bypass.

It is difficult to accept the responses from certain “doctors” regarding the loss of my career, especially that from my sister.

I never intended to for all this anger to be aimed at me all I want to know is why Dr RB John intentionally destroyed my life, but he HAS refused to be honest and tell me why the HELL he did what he did.

He has “had his friends” humiliate me and make it extremely obvious that they “defend” his actions. By so doing I have been unable to receive true and honest medical treatment until hopefully now.


I fought thoughts of killing myself on Friday as I bumped into my fucking sister in town. I cried as I walked home, I cut myself with a knife, by accident as it happened, but it made me think why I was taking tablets to keep me alive when I do not want to be alive.

I want to die, for all this to be over.


Thank god the hell with my previous surgery is over but I do not thank Dr G Kahan for restarting the last 18 months. I just wonder if the  treatment I received was typical of the standard one can expect from Castle Surgery. If so GOOD GOD they should not be allowed to practice. If not then they are as guilty as Dr RB John as they defended him by humiliating, insulting and denying me treatment.

you cannot have no pulse or blood pressure because your arm would go blue and fall off ” TWICE I was told this and yet  Dr Gama arranged the blood pressure monitor when my arm DID go blue, in fact BLACK and cold AND due to his incompetence as a GP and his admitted mistake. He caused my cry for help ie SUICIDE by his “cock up” HIS WORDS and yet he then has denied me any further treatment by his removing me from his patient’s list. Did he send the referral to the Orthopaedic Consultant? Wwhy did he do that??? panic???? appearing to do something, at last???? AND after 18 months from my initial request.

it’s due to the way you sit” I have been told this 3 times, AND WITH ALMOST THE SAME symptoms. 1st time led to the bypass due to the occlusion of the artery. 2nd time was due to high potassium ions and was deemed to be a side effect of Ramipiril, prescribed by Dr Gama. 3rd time the phrase starts to get rather childish.

move on forget dentistry, some things will never be resolved and more from others in the surgery

you just don’t understand Precisely the reason I asked the question Dr Lilley.

Enough of quackery.


I suppose Dr RB John will be parading in his finery at the Remembrance Parade in Neath today. Looking like a clown according to one person who saw him recently at some other parade. Walking with my MP who made no attempt to assist me in finding the facts, exposing the corruption by Dr RB John. Walking with the brave veterans of Neath, boosting his precious ego.

Defended by many so called medical professionals in Neath some of whom I believe have been looking ,googling, for  me on the net:

dentist/dr gama      dr byrn john wales    castle sugery doctors neath  and  “edwina hart” ptsd

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