I had a dream last night

I went to see my new Doctor and the Doctor, once we had said hullo then started telling me what she had read in summary of my Medical Notes and in 4-5 minutes covered my medical condition in words, totally.

Also she ignored my complaint with Dr RB John although she did allow me one sentence regarding my depression/anger despair.

She then listened to MY side of the medical queries I have and agreed with me that I should get further investigation re my left and right arms.

IN 5-10 minutes I learnt MORE about my Cardio condition than I did in 24 months with Castle Surgery. AND SHE DID NOT TELL ME TO MOVE ON, not even once. SHe answered the few questions I asked her, I did not have many questions as she pre-empted them all by bringing up the salient points herself.

I wandered out into the rain and pinched my self and it fkn hurt. GOOD GOD I was awake ALL THE time


It actually happened.

AND I endured April 2008 to October 2009 with Dr G. AND all from the same initial questions about having the same symptoms in my left arm and now  having  pain in my right WRIST.

I have met a professional, not a corrupt uncaring arrogant bunch of self centred arseholes. Auspices of Fair Comment

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