Same here , mate

I want an end to this culture of cover-up and closing ranks – it’s a rotten streak that is ruining our wonderful NHS.’

Coronation Street star Ken Cope barred from GP for complaining about blunder that made him think he was dying of cancer.
a specialist hospital doctor who examined Mr Cope found that he had been misdiagnosed and wrote a letter to his surgery to inform them.

Incredibly, the surgery didn’t pass on the good news – and Mr Cope wasn’t given the all-clear for a further three years. He was fobbed off and was also denied counselling

Dr Searson – who has since retired – even declined to put a note on his files about his own oversight.

¬†These doctors can’t play God and then when they get it wrong simply close ranks and send you away with a pat on the back.

The grandfather has now enlisted the help of his MP, Dr John Pugh, to raise his case with Sefton Primary Care NHS Trust, which governs GP surgeries in Southport. Dr Pugh said: ‘Ken has been badly treated by the NHS. ‘Mistakes will happen but it is important that when they come to light they are properly rectified and those involved have their cards marked accordingly. ‘It would certainly appear that Ken deserves an apology over the misdiagnosis and mishandling of his case. ‘I’m also concerned that it raises serious issues that need to be resolved, including a culture of closing ranks in the NHS.


At least his MP is trying to help him, mine did absolutely nothing, in fact did not even respond to my last letter.

My Assembly member also “did not know what to do”, so did nothing.


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