I had to turn an 8 year old, in pain, away on Friday night.

The parents were desperate and SOOO apologetic but they could not think of anything else to do. There apparently was no emergency dentist available UNTIL Monday 26th October.

They had been to their dentist, once or twice I say sarcastically, describing the pain in the upper right incisor, he/she said take Calpol and if it doesn’t go away THEN an X-Ray would be taken.

BUT what the fuck could I do??????

BUT FROM JUST LOOKING at the offending tooth, and a quick history, I saw a couple of possible reasons for the pain, well for a start there was VISIBLE decay on the mesial aspect of the tooth. So dentists are now as useless as doctors, probably because they are now up their own arses, like doctors, as dentists have received the HONORARY TITLE of doctor also. I REFUSED to use that honorary title for 2 reasons: A) my profession was Dental Surgeon and surgeons are always called Mr. And B) I did not want to further alienate myself from my patients by pretending to be something I was not.

In the old days WHEN I WAS A DENTIST we would have been down the practice within minutes but on Friday I was only IMPERSONATING a dentist because Dr Ronald Bryn John has made VERY sure I could NEVER EVER practice again. AND  Dr Keatley E James has said “he meant well” as he destroyed my life INTENTIONALLY and she pusillanimously watched.

And as Dr F Gama repeatedly said “I will always be a dentist” and then denied me the psychiatric help I HAVE desperately asked for to get used to my destruction since Dr G Kahan restarted ALL this hell. Dr F Gama removed me from the Castle Surgery list.

I say Dr Gama has denied BUT Dr Muthakkumar, the Consultant psychiatrist has REFUSED to see me again (he banned me from ALL further appointments) at our last appointment because he wished to prescribe me medication BUT REFUSED to give me a diagnosis, necessary in order to offer treatment, despite me asking him for one) That arsehole obviously had not read my hospital notes, which were in front of him, I assume, as there was a rather large pile of papers on the desk which I presume/hope WERE MY hospital notes. Well Muthakkumar played with them during our “dispute”.

In those notes AND in my GP’s medical notes there is a letter signed by him which shows/proves he is incompetent, negligent or to put it bluntly fucking useless. In it he says I am depressed, which is a diagnosis, vague as hell BUT it is STILL a diagnosis and then would have given him a diagnostic right to prescribe. BUT he seemingly had NO IDEA that this existed. (Same as me because I forgot that that existed. BUT I DO remember that he also said to me, at the same time, that he would ONLY TREAT ME IF I THREATENED SUICIDE, which I HAVE FUCKING DONE following the 8 months of hell started by Dr G Kahan and Dr F Gama’s negligence with the blood pressure monitor.)

AND after a letter from the Welsh Assembly Health Minister asking them (Castle Surgery) to ensure that I have the correct level of support for my suicidal ideation. Received/ignored by them in December 2008.

Why I am angry.

I just want the pain to stop. That’s all it boils down to. I just want it to end.


A billion pounds of the annual Welsh health budget is not being spent properly, according to finance chiefs. How much has the Welsh NHS spent  as they deny the negligence and malpractice of Dr RB John? THEY KEEP telling me to MOVE ON which is a tactic to distract me from the matter in hand, the serious medical malpractice and corruption of the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan in his role as a NHS General Practitioner, as they ALL pretend not to understand or even listen to the facts, the truth.

I have NO need to lie, unlike…………






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