26 months of hell

Two years and two months since the start of this blog and what has changed? NOTHING, EVERYTHING HAS GOT SO MUCH WORSE.

I was finishing the abortive and biased NHS Complaint having had Dr Caroline Jones of the HealthCare Inspectorate Wales REFUSE to give me “the documents she holds under the Data Protection Act ” UNTIL SHE HAD SEEN A UTILITY BILL TO PROVE WHO I WAS” having said that “as a side effect of my illness (sic) was memory loss I probably forgot what Dr RB John didn’t tell me“I gave up with the NHS and started another route for answers.

I found the compliment slip in November 2007 so I mentioned this to various authorities in the NHS. This proves the Medical Opinion was “unsafe” to say the least.

I have had 4 angiograms, the last resulting in a haematoma in my right wrist and great pain in my right wrist and thumb. I have had physiotherapy for this which made it so much worse. It was also misdiagnosed as a break of my scaphoid bone and I HAD to wear a plaster splint for 24 hours. Eventually it was discovered I had arthritis in my thumb joint, had one cortisone injection AFTER the bypass, then the thumb was “bent back” at at the follow up by a Dr Rao who refused to listen to me when I said “I HAVE NO PAIN”. I then had a second injection which, of course, was not as successful as the first. I ask Dr L and she  refuses to answer me by angrily saying “YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! The reason for a question I believe.

I have had a subclavian/carotid bypass and STILL have the same symptoms AFTER. No recordable Blood Pressure and pulse and occasional paralysis of two fingers in my left hand. AND I was told preoperatively that my heart condition had been misdiagnosed.

I had a massive infection of the donor site.


I asked Dr G Kahan about the misdiagnosis and so started the hell I am in now. She screamed that I was an ungrateful patient and that I should get used to loosing my career and sent me to the local Mental Health Team, but absolutely no reassurance or offer of a referral BACK to the cardiologist. All the hell of the loss of my career was NOW BACK in the forefront of my mind for absolutely no reason.

I keep asking Dr Gama about the misdiagnosis and so starts the blood test saga.

1st blood test the phlebotomist tells me “I cannot have no pulse and BP in my left arm as my arm would go blue and fall off” and no obvious hygiene regime, didn’t wash hands  and wore the same gloves as she wore to open the door to call me in. I told Dr G, I assume he did nothing.

I was told I had high potassium ions in the blood and this was a side effect of the Ramipiril PRESCRIBED initially by Dr G. I was advised to stop taking them. AND THE PARALYSIS DISAPPEARED IMMEDIATELY. Paralysis of extremities and high potassium ions in the blood are a common side effect of that drug. YET when I asked Dr G he said the paralysis was due “TO THE WAY I SAT” and probably something to do with the ulnar nerve“.

I arranged a second test with Dr R Lewis and he spent time telling me that “some things will not ever be resolved, I should move on and forget Dentistry.” He asked if Dr KE James was my sister and repeated that I should move on. He also said that the blood test was clotted as the reason for the re-test, as they couldn’t test the blood ??????? I saw the words MENTAL PATIENT on my notes, since denied by Dr G, in writing. Second test was OK. My despair was increasing BECAUSE OF THESE COMMENTS from Drs L and K.

Dr G increased my dosage of Bisoprolol to 5 mgs a day. I soon complained of extremely cold hands and advised to “wear gloves” The pharmacist in Boots did a medicine check and told me that “A COMMON SIDE EFFECT OF BISOPROLOL WAS COLDNESS IN THE EXTREMITIES” and I should ask my GP. I did and was told that the effects of reducing my BP and PROTECTING MY HEART FROM HEART FAILURE was paramount. (WOW heart failure now and I STILL CANNOT GET REFERRED BACK TO THE PEOPLE THAT DIAGNOSED THIS, IN THE 1st PLACE.)  My hands are STILL cold and a SECOND pharmacist has told me, at the last “repeat” that I should ask my GP again.

Dr G then arranged a Blood pressure monitor but forgot to tell the nurse/technician to place it on my right arm. I protested but was told that the nurse could/would not ask a doctor for advice as he was BUSY and anyway that was what he had written. At the first inflation my left arm went black and extremely cold so I rushed back in despair and the monitor was eventually placed on my right arm, with what appeared like distain. Not surprisingly the readings were high but nothing was done about that because I screamed at Dr G, on December 22nd 2008 “THAT I MIGHT AS WELL KILL MYSELF TO STOP THE NHS DOING IT FOR MEAS MY ARM NOW HAD GONE BLACK AND COLD, just as the phlebotomist had insultingly predicted at the first blood test. ALL I WAS WAITING FOR WAS IT TO FALL OFF NOW (I had also been told before all angiograms by Dr Sh that “I cannot have no pulse and BP in my left arm as my arm would go blue and fall off”

I was sent to Dr Ballasurryia as a high risk suicide and SHE said ” I have been badly treated by the NHS with the loss of my career and deserved compensation and that SHE would write me a letter to say so.” since strongly denied. She banned me from seeing her because I got angry at her denial and the fact she told me “TO MOVE ON” many times. I asked her HOW DO I MOVE ON WHEN EVERYONE KEEPS REMINDING ME NOW OF MY LOSS??

She NEVER allowed me to speak at two appointments to tell her THAT the loss of my career WAS NOT THE FKN REASON I WISHED TO KILL MYSELF, but she didn’t listen, just told me to move on..


Then out of the blue I got an appointment with the Cardiologists in Jan/Feb 2009 and in a 5 minute appointment all my fears re the “misdiagnosis” were dispelled. 10-11 months after I asked Dr G K. She could have referred me BACK to the diagnostician, the Cardiology Department, immediately and none of the above would have occurred.



SO in October 2009 I have 99% the SAME SYMPTOMS as in August 2007 with my left arm although the Casualty Doctor on my recent visit felt an extremely weak pulse, momentarily in my left arm.

BUT now I am fighting REAL, and intense, suicidal thoughts, not made up ones as stated by Dr RB John in the Medical Opinion.

And I have been ejected from Castle Surgery because Dr G feels I have no confidence in the doctors in Castle Surgery.

I haven’t even touched on the many psychiatric appointments since January this year. THAT IS TOO TRAUMATIC especially as I re-discovered a letter from Dr Muthakkumar, from August 2007, where he says one thing, in writing, which he TOTALLY denied in the last appointment with him. I say no more.


As the title says 26 months of hell.

My new surgery listened to my symptoms re the left and right arms and is going to investigate and I need an appointment in 2 weeks to discuss the options. THAT IS THE WAY TO DO IT.


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One Response to “26 months of hell”

  1. outerhebridies Says:

    Hi sorry to hear that you’ve moved into my camp. Yes i know its not much fun when your a nobody. It doesn’t help. Much to say. Keep it short though. Have you thought of a mental health adovocate? The are vol groups that have them as well as those employed in the system. I have learnt to keep my mouth shut, and “tow the line”. I am my own Dr. No side effects – yet. have stopped meds owing to reading blog carlots psychiatry and others. my best. outer.

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