lies and deceit and corruption surround one doctor.

I started this blog on August 24th 2007 with this post Why I am angry and still it continues. READ every post if you can be bothered to see how my anger increase with the responses, in particular, from Castle Surgery. Misdiagnoses DO OCCUR and I still wish to die

I was ending the abortive NHS complaint against Dr RB John with a letter from the Health Care Inspectorate, Wales.

It makes you think. I asked about my right wrist following an appointment with Mr Ramsey and this is the initial response from Castle Surgery. In fact read the posts in September 2007 from this starting point. This is the comment from another doctor in Castle surgery about my wrist. “When I asked my GP why no one would do much about the lack of pulse and the pain in my right thumb she said ” some people congenitally have no pulse.”

Some comments on Dr John and about my left and right arms. Dr Gama suggests I take antidepressants BUT THEY WERE contraindicated by my cardiac medication.

About my bypass when this happened:

I had a 2nd echo scan of the heart ( the 1st one was strangely missing from my medical notes)prior to the operation and was asked by various surgeons/anaesthetists for the reason I was on 8mgs per day of warfarin. I said that I had been told that I had had a (silent) heartattack and had deposits in the coronary arteries.

They said  my heart was healthy with no signs of ANY other major blockages and no VISIBLE SIGN OF any serious heart disease in fact was quite good considering my age, previous habits ie smoking and drinking and all the stress I have been going through. I was told to stop Warfarin with immediate effect.

re Dr Gama’s recent comment about the way I sit and an appointment with an un named psychiatrist

AND HERE IT STARTS TO GO WRONG IN CASTLE SURGERY. with insulting patronising comments from Dr G Kahan.

Auust 2007 to October 2009.


I wrote to Dr Gama on 9th September 2009 ending with: I need at least two of the following to stay alive: counselling, help or resolution. I CANNOT do this alone. HELP ME PLEASE so what does he do??

He denies me ALL three and by so doing wishes me to die.

I also said:

Remember when you said “that I will always be a dentist”? I saw a patient after I left you Monday as I was crying on my way home and she stopped me to be nice. I briefly told her what had happened and she left saying “you were the best dentist I ever had” which just made it all so much more desperate and I fought suicide and spent the rest of the day, in and out of bed, crying and hoping.


Why am I SO worthless and why is Dr RB John SO protected by his colleagues?

I have NO NEED TO LIE as all this blog is fact, with comments made by me, in distress, Auspices of Fair Comment

I never wanted to involve so MANY PEOPLE I just wanted Dr rB John to be honest and truthful in admitting HIS catastrophic mistake. He could not even be man enough to say “sorry”

And because of him he has tarnished the doctor’s reputations in one surgery in Neath.

My new doctors surgery is SO different to Castle Surgery, in the fact that the receptionists welcome the patient. And the Doctor listened to me.

PLEASE let me receive good and professional treatment from them without the barbed comments as before. My argument SHOULD be with Dr RB John and he alone.



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