I received an appointment yesterday for the Mental Health Gateway Team for Oct 7th…in Castle Surgery. I have left Castle Surgery.

FOR FUCK’s SAKE I have asked for help since December 22nd and now 9 months later the appointment arrives TOO FKN LATE AND with the “team” that would not offer me help earlier this year, twice.

RE my ex-surgery: I asked for reassurance re my heart in April 2008 and received a Cardio team appointment EVENTUALLY after 9 months of asking.

I asked about the continuing problems with my left and right arms but failed to get a response from Castle Surgery after 9 months of asking.

By response I mean not an insult or bullying as from Dr L and K, BUT true and professional treatment from my GP.

I was waylaid by a friend today and he showed me a letter from my ex-surgery which said “That they had just noticed that there is an interaction between two tablets he is taking and they wish to change the medication, signed by a female doctor. He has been taking these tablets for 15 years. YES FIFETEEN years. AND I have no confidence!?!?

YET in 2 hours on Saturday


The NHS came 14th out of 33 European countries, making it one of the worst systems in Western Europe. I was told, in 1985, that the NHS In Wales was worse than that of a 4th World Country. So how does that compare now? ‘Cos what is a 4th World country?? What on earth could have a system WORSE than that in Wales?


Interesting comment in this article. A tycoon suspected of hiding £400million in a bitter divorce battle was yesterday accused of faking a mental breakdown to avoid jail.

Mr Young’s barrister, Philip Marshall, denied that his client’s hospital treatment was a ‘put-up job’. He was admitted to an NHS hospital for two weeks, not a ‘fashionable’ celebrity clinic such as the Priory, he told the court.

ANOTHER unanswered question I have is WHY was I sent to the Priory in 1998 AND WHO PAID ??? I asked that question for almost 10 years and failed to get an answer because Dr RB John could not remember.


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