I rang the out of hours service and told them my symptoms, in the way I was advised by NHS Direct, and I was immediately sent to Casualty for an ECG. I was wired up and a history was taken. So they soon knew about my 1.3 litre lung abscess in 2004. and my  carotid/subclavian bypass and the pain in my right thumb/wrist, my depression and the loss of my career.

The casualty doctor was a true gentleman and scholar, my highest accolade for a professional, as he investigated quite a few things rather than just my current symptoms. He described it as a MOT.

The current symptoms of waking up at night with numbness and burning in my left hand, feeling sick etc.

BP was 180 over 90 so a lot higher than normal. ECG showed no abnormalities BUT he questioned the need for the bypass and wondered why no stents were placed and did not seem to understand what I was saying so got my hospital notes to read all about it. He also found an extremely weak pulse in my left arm (YAY!!) but I couldn’t feel it, as I cannot feel EITHER pulse today. He commented on the weakness of the right radial pulse at the time.

I had blood tests for diabetes: CLEAR. and for the chemical signature that would show disease in my heart. (Yeh I didn’t understand that either). All results were however clear. He arranged a chest X Ray BUT that was clear also.

He said that there was a narrowing of my right radial artery which accounted for the weak pulse in my right arm, he noted the swelling of the ball of thumb and asked about the pain. He said that that needed investigation and sort of explained why, but lost me half way through. Because a patient to have weak or no pulses in BOTH arms but still a reasonable blood supply to the hands was UNUSUAL. He said I should see the vascular surgeon for advice. (I have repeatedly asked about the weak pulse and pain in my right wrist and gave up when a GP finally told me angrily “THAT I DID NOT UNDERSTAND”)

Both my hands were muscularly weak to resistance tests, to which he raised an eyebrow.

He asked what my GP had said and  said that with my cardiac history that an investigation should probably have been arranged, but that was just his opinion.

BUT now all the tests had been done and I now know FAR MORE about my current medical condition than before. SO out of bad came good.

He also advised anti depressants but said that contra-indications did exist and that my next GP should be able to advise. He also agreed that a diagnosis, however vague, MUST be given before medication is prescribed.


I was thrown out of Castle Surgery because as Dr Gama put it “it was very clear that I did not trust any doctor in his surgery and that the doctor-patient relationship had broken down and that it was in my best interests to seek another surgery. Interestingly I have told Dr G MANY MANY times that I trusted and respected HIS judgement and used to shake his hand at the end of each visit. He has known for at least 18 months of my opinion of others in his surgery considering their remarks. I had been advised  to formulate a complaint with the Local Health Board stating my dissatisfaction but I declined, from past experiences, as I feared removal from the list. Sadly now Dr G’s surgery defences are now up and running in preparation for such an event. BUT  I have 5 years to wait.

BUT I say the SAME symptoms to NHS Direct AND to the out of hours Doctor and get immediately sent to Casualty where I experience the above in a 2-3 hour visit. Totally different circumstances I know.

AND I NOW KNOW that there IS a narrowing of the right radial artery which explains the weak pulse, but not the pain. (One GP in my last surgery could not even find the pulse earlier this year) The Cardio surgeon HAD said in his professional letter, that a haematoma existed and I now assume , from my surgical experience, that this narrowing is due to scar tissue. Yet when I asked in my ex-current GP’s surgery I am denied an answer. They denied me my rights as a patient.

That was ALL I asked for, no preferential treatment, but good safe treatment. And answers to any of my reasonable queries.

Dr Gama was almost correct with his diagnosis that my symptoms were due to the way I sat as the casualty Doctor could find no significant cause and thought it was probably due to the way I had slept and postulated that I had had severe indigestion, was sleeping on my left arm and turned over as soon I awoke and suggested I use Gaviscon.


I thank the nurse in NHS Direct for listening to me as in the post farewell. I say again I have asked REPEATEDLY for this for ELEVEN YEARS and she, bless her, listened, argued with me, told me to stop going on AND REPEATING MYSELF many many times and so helped me TO COMPARTMENTALISE the THOUGHTS. She said I sounded extremely depressed and the need for medication SHOULD BE DISCUSSED at the correct level. She said talking therapies did not exist in Wales but I said that she had given me what I had asked for, SHE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME. Thank you thank you, I sadly forget her name but if SHE is a typical example of the staff employed in NHS Direct then I say to all us Brits RING THEM. I hope the response will be the same for you.

But all of this was preventable if someone had listened in the first place,

and all is linked back to Dr RB John and his plans for me. I have had a 1.3 litre lung abscess,   carotid/subclavian bypass and loss of pulse and BP in my left arm, the pain in my right thumb/wrist, my depression and also the loss of my career and hobby. my suicide attempt/s and the treatment I had had but offered medication.” Now he has involved another Surgery in his escape and if my treatment from them is even an average they have not been shown in a good light at all.

 All hospital doctors, bar one, are faultless but I do not know of one GP I would trust, with my life, because I cannot even ask why my thumb hurts or be told that I was so ill that it would be best if I was urgently retired and how much time would I need to sort my practice out.

I am SO sorry to be in this mess I never wanted to involve ALL these doctors. If say I had been referred to the cardiac team on Wednesday 23rd then I could wait in peace knowing something is going to be done at NHS speed and all the but then if’s lead straight back

 The receptionist in casualty was an ex-patient and we acknowledged. The nurse in NHS Direct had no answer for me on how to cope with that, considering what I had lost and how.

What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive, eh ?

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