"error of professional judgement" rewarded…..

A SOCIAL worker sacked following the death of a baby in Swansea has been offered her job back. The tribunal upheld her appeal, and said she had been punished enough for an “error of professional judgement”. A spokesman for Swansea Council said the authority would now offer her a job as a social worker again. So it seems that in Wales error of professional judgements are rewarded as the lady concerned will be restored to the Register of Social Care Workers.


I  saw Dr Gama today as I have been woken up at night for the past 2-3 days with burning sensations in my right arm and feeling dreadfully sick. During the day I have numbness similar in distribution to the sensations pre bypass and now have occasional chest pains and the return of extreme coldness in my left arm. My BP was 140/70 and Dr Gama has decided it is “due to the way I sit” and I have been referred somewhere, I believe he mentioned Orthopaedics.

So this is the THIRD time my symptoms have been attributed to the way I sitFirst time Dr G Jones in Dyfed Road Surgery kept telling me it was the way I sat (This was an error of professional judgement) and then, on changing surgeries, Dr Gama  discovered  I had no pulse or BP in my arm which necessitated the bypass Easter 2008. The second time I had similar symptoms it was due to a side effect of the Tablets, Rampirirl, that Dr Gama had prescribed, when he was instrumental in referring me for the 4 angiograms etc, BUT not investigated UNTIL AFTER the bypass.

Following the suggestion of misdiagnosis of my Heart disease and Dr Gwen Kahan’s referral to the psychiatrist in April 2008 there followed a shambolic series of blood tests which culminated in Dr Gama ordering a Blood pressure monitor ON MY LEFT ARM and thus directly CAUSING my CRY FOR HELP/SUICDE. This was an error of professional judgement. The result of the 1st blood test proved with out a shadow of a doubt that the sensations, almost EXACTLY similar to those now, were attributable to Rampiril. The only difference was I complained of occasional paralysis of my left pinky and ring fingers, whereas  for the third time, now, I complain of a “burning sensation” in my index and middle fingers. Bit like being stung by nettles, if I remember that sensation correctly. However the coldness in my arm and the chest pains are so similar as almost to be identical. I take Bisropol and I have been here before.


I asked about the referral to the psychiatric services for which I have been banned by two psychiatrists and Dr Gama said he had written. Funny how the Psychiatrists responded within a few days to say that they have banned me and YET have not replied so rapidly now. But then I did point out their “adjustments of the facts” which usually causes doctors in Neath to go silent.  BUT then Dr Gama has admitted that he does not always write his professional letters immediately, so this gives me reason to doubt what he has said.

ALSO read these posts again from January 2009 AS NOTHING STILL has been done to help me. I FIGHT TO STAY ALIVE.

February’s posts


In the post WMD’s on June 4th 2009 I said “I will post the reply(from the Welsh Assembly) and also include, at that date, the response a friend received from the English Health Minister. Lets compare them then” The reason I have not posted that IS because I haven’t received a reply yet .

However I HAVE been told, by the Assembly Government to refer my queries to the Local Health Board  and my reply was “What the same LHB that in 2003/4 took 9 months to reply to my complaint about their Medical Director when BY LAW they should have responded within 20 working days.” and so I wait ” a response within 17 working days” … again.


HEALTH Minister Edwina Hart should be the next First Minister, according to a cross-party survey of AMs.



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