As many as one in six patients treated in NHS hospitals and GPs’ surgeries is being misdiagnosed, experts have warned. Doctors were making mistakes in up to 15 per cent of cases because they were too quick to judge patients’ symptoms. I add that many doctors I have seen in Castle Surgery Neath were too quick to judge ME as a patient.

AND yet when I ask FOR a diagnosis I am BANNED from the local psychiatric unit.

When I ask for reassurance about a suggested misdiagnosis of my heart condition I am sent to the psychiatric unit

All because Dr RB John, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan, one time Medical Director of Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board, and with his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee, destroyed my career and life with an INTENTIONAL misdiagnosis.

That arsehole was in Neath on Sunday in his role as High Sheriff for a parade commemorating Arnhem I believe and I saw him dressed up like a pantomime dame in all his regalia as he marched from the RAFA club in Neath. One veteran told me after that some one had asked “who ordered the clowns?” pointing at Dr RB John. Seeing him destroyed the rest of my day. My heart went into almost arrhythmia BUT I have no Nitrolingual spray now thanks to Dr Gama so I went to bed and hoped I would NOT wake up, SADLY I did.



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