Different response to a suicide threat.

I talked to someone yesterday who recently had said he wanted to kill himself but the response from dr Balla was different as SHE offered him a room in the local psychiatric ward, for a short overnight stay and lots more medication. She also advised him on talking therapies and even gave a website address of an online therapy. ME I got told that I DID have justifiable reasons to be angry and then TWO MONTHS LATER told to move on, with her saying she had NEVER said that.

He too has NO DIAGNOSIS and is on a pharmacopoeia of drugs. His wife described the doses of the medication he is taking and I went SHIIT he is taking ALL the drugs I have BUT ALL AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. He is on Lithium and this  reminded me of Dr R Annear whom I saw in Port Talbot and whose last words to me were “Don’t sue me” I have been reminded of his vists now and will relate them tomorrow. He wanted ME on Lithium and I remember hearing at the time that he put ALL his patients on Lithium.

Also his wife said that they did not like Muthakkumar, the psychiatrist that has banned me, and said that they could not understand a word he says because of his accent. I understood the man all right as he REFUSED to answer ANY of my questions, either in writing, as in 2007, or verbally as in June in the post Seems pointless making an effort to stay alive

I had to “rush to bed” after talking to them yesterday. I say rush to bed because as soon as I got home I locked the door and went straight to bed, crying and thinking “fuck I am alone, WHY??? I remember thinking I have to do this, it was if I had no choice. I went to sleep with the radio on softly and the 1st song was ACDC Highway to hell. How apt.


From this www.indianpsychiatry.com it says “The uncritical application of western psychiatric concepts in non-western societies resulting in culturally invalid psychiatric syndromes, have been extensively documented.”

SO what about the reverse??? The application of eastern psychiatric concepts in western societies??? Could this result in culturally invalid psychiatric syndromes as two of the senior Psychiatrists in Neath are Indian?

Interestingly follow the link, on the left of the front page. “Ask a psychiatrist?” which is relevant to me, since Dr Muthakkumar REFUSED to answer ANY of my questions.  Says it all doesn’t it?


Could somebody tell me WHY that lieing arsehole Dr RB John  is SOO right and I am SOO wrong?  What hold does he have over my sister Dr KE James that stops her helping her brother?  Is she as negligent as him and he covered up HER mistakes as well?

Or as one person has said were/are they lovers and having an illicit affair. I too have heard that story a few times.



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