gotta talk to someone

Each day just get worse, yesterday some old guy made a point in telling me how much my sister cared about his recent heart attack and for me not to go on about her because she is lovely. (He was the husband of the woman who said similar the DAY after my sister told me she allowed Dr RB John ruin my life.) She was with him and didn’t even try to stop him, she did look a bit embarrassed tho’.

ON the way home I bumped into 2 ex-patients, one who asked me what was wrong as I looked, in his words, “like Rambo with toothache” Maybe not the best analogy to use but then I used to use that phrase when I was at work to describe anger. The other just smiled at me and said “Hi, nice to see you Alyn, we miss you” and touched my shoulder.

Didn’t mention that in Castle Surgery there is a rolling video screen advertising stuff and as I waited for that last appointment with Dr Gama there was an advert for and in BIG letters it said “IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED ASK FOR HELP” I have and I have been refused any form of help for 11 years. 5-6 of them on medication.

What is there left?

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One Response to “gotta talk to someone”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hi there

    Sorry haven’t commented lately. Life stuff and all that!!!

    Don’t you just love those adverts. What they actually mean is if you go to your GP, you will be given anti depressants and that will be all fine and dandy and you can get back on the bus and ride off.

    Not so simple for people who can’t tolerate the tablets or for those people who the tablets have no effect at all on. Then you have the complex needs, the ‘not quite so easy to diagnose or treat’ illnesses, there’s dual diagnosis, mis diagnosis and at the end of it …. a service that is unable (some say for financial reasons, some say mismanagement…most say “Arggh) to deliver much of a service even after all of that.

    But don’t you worry MD there is a myriad of third sector organisations campaigning hard against stigma, and some even offering crash courses in how to gain re-employment… so it will be alright in the end.

    Ha! ha! ha!

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