The end is nigh

I have been banned from the local psychiatric services because the psychiatrists say I refuse treatment. AND yet Dr Ballasurryia said this but has denied saying so. Dr Gama said that she said that only to stop me killing myself at Xmas but stopped short of telling me to move on . Although that is what I think he meant as he has changed his attitude to me now.

HOW CAN I REFUSE WHAT is never offered? I have letters which dispute their statements and will hopefully post that at the weekend because now I am going to get in my car and go to say goodbye to my son.

I can’t tell him that but at least I will have a nice memory of the only person I have that does not prejudge me.

Dr RB John you have won, you bastard, your prediction will come true. I wonder if the Queen knows what a corrupt man her representative in West Glamorgan is.

Auspices of Fair Comment

I trust my sister, Dr KE James will  be happy when I am dead. She said she had REASONS not to help me. If she was seriously ill then I think she would have told me BUT to say NO now stating her phrase “reasons” makes me think she is defending Dr RB John until the bitter end.

Preferring to have her brother commit suicide for something SHE COULD HAVE STOPPED in 1998

I AM GOING TO DIE SOON either by my own hand, as I fought suicide AGAIN last night,

or by a heart attack

because my GP has reduced the aspirin to one a day and ignored my request for a repeat for the Nitro-Lingual spray for my angina attacks. He didn’t even know I was on aspirin twice daily since my visit to the Out of Hours Doctor in June.

I have had 6 Angina/panic attacks in the past 2 months, 3 in the past fortnight.

He said I always went on about my loss and by inference then I SHOULD MOVE ON. But  he also said “I WILL ALWAYS BE A DENTIST” which IS the problem. I CANNOT close that part of my life. He forgot that if I was mentioning my distress it was BECASUE I NEED HELP to continue my hell of a life.

I assume from the reduction in my heart medication he hopes it will be soon from a heart attack.

I have sent him a letter expressing the reasons I wish to die, if I survive until the weekend I will post it  here.

what a fucking waste of my life, 60 years for fucking nothing and it is ALL back now just as it was in 1998


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