Bad day yesterday.

I went to get repeat prescription for my aspirin and simvastatin, only to be refused, by Castle Surgery the aspirin. BECAUSE they had not updated the fact that I am now on Aspirin TWICE A DAY.  It shows that Dr Gama does not CHECK the prescriptions when he signs them. Possibly a bit of a feat considering the number of prescriptions he has to sign BUT if an error is noted then surely he should check the patient’s record. It is not as if he doesn’t know my name, I’d imagine. SO repeat prescriptions seem to be the responsibility of the reception staff but if errors appear they DO NOT CHECK with the patient’s notes where, in their medication field, IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT I NOW TAKE ASPIRIN TWICE A DAY. Some more atrocious administration by Castle Surgery.

I suppose like the BP monitor incident, they are NOT allowed to disturb the doctors.

So I went to the Council to sort out my Council Tax and I had an angina attack in front of them and was fighting tears throughout. The council staff were MORE HELPFUL AND KIND than those in Castle Surgery. As this attempt at getting an  appointment showed following Dr Ballasurryia’s appointment.

But not as bad as this time, but the same subject.

I saw Jay again yesterday and BOY did he look bad. He was struggling for breath as he walked.

AND STILL NO EMERGENCY appointment for a counsellor as PROMISED by Dr F Gama. I saw him on 27th July and was promised, after much pleading from me, an emergency appointment within 2 weeks/ 14 days, with a counsellor to try and help me come to terms with all this. NOW its a month later and STILL no appointment. I bet he hasn’t even written the referral letter yet.

and re yesterdays post about foreign doctors


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