I am NOT a doctor! some doctors do not have a good command of English

To the people that searched for “Dr James maddentist”, I would like to say that I AM NOT A FKN DOCTOR. I refused to accept that honorary titles in the 1990’s. I used the term, dental surgeon, to describe my job and all surgeon’s are called Mr. But I do thank whoever it was for the implied respect, if it was implied that is!!

Also it gives the suggestion that I NEEDED a title to get respect. NO I DID NOT I wished to gain respect for who I was and the work I did.

Respect by word of mouth rather than title, unlike some “doctor” that caused the need for this site. He and ALL other doctors seem to forget that THEIR title is an honorary one, bestowed on themselves, by themselves sometime in the early part of the 20th century.

The other reason was I did not want to be confused with my sister, which I definitely do not want now.


British patients are being treated by exhausted doctors without a perfect command of English.

AND not just the out of hours doctors, both Psychiatrists I have seen do not have English as their first language I assume from their accents and their “use of English”. I would not be able to fully understand the cultural differences of another land if I was working abroad as I am a born and bred British citizen, with ALL the cultural differences we Brits have.

Read this piece of research about “semen retention syndrome amongst white Britons from an Indian Psychiatric site. Where they also say in the preamble to the above research: The uncritical application of western psychiatric concepts in non-western societies resulting in culturally invalid psychiatric syndromes, have been extensively documented. What about western cultures, does Dhat syndrome appear among Britons, asks Dr Sushrut Jadhav, an eminent Psychiatrist and anthropologist from UK, while researching a new syndrome among white Britons.

Interesting isn’t it that this Psychiatrist says that the application of western psychiatric concepts in non western societies results in invalid psychiatric syndromes. SO WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER WAY ROUND and the application of non western psychiatric concepts to a western society. THIS by the same deduction which would result in invalid “diagnoses” in the UK?? or in my case no diagnosis but insistence on medication by the psychiatrist.

I remember hearing a story in the 1980’s about a patient telling a foreign GP that “he felt under the weather” and the GP then looked out the window and said “Yes it is raining”.  I still sadly struggle to understand some Yorkshire and Glaswegian accents coupled with their regional slang. for example what does “You are being such a worky-tiket today!” mean?

And as I am welsh what does “posh daps butt” mean??


Top Cardiff lawyer accused of misconduct in a public office. He is also accused of also faces a second charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

No one in the NHS seems to care about Dr RB John’s misconduct and misuse of power as he avoids any form of investigation. As he lies his way out of everything.


I got fucked by a doctor also but not thankfully in the way THIS doctor did to HIS patient. BUT then the patient was admitted to a psychiatric unit in August 2005 because her husband and sister were worried she was becoming suicidal.

How different to the treatment I have received since I threatened to commit suicide at Christmas 2008. I am alive now because I KNOW that I am , and have ALWAYS been right. Documents and recent events show this to be unequivocally true.




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