Suicidal man being prosecuted by the police

A man who threatened to commit suicide by jumping on to a railway line is being prosecuted by the police. He was arrested at the scene but police decided his mental condition meant he was not fit to be detained and bailed him until July 29, pending a medical evaluation. He then agreed to enter a psychiatric unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital in South-West London where he received treatment and counselling.

Seems that poor man was offered treatment. How different from MY treatment when I have been told to “move on” and forget the reasons I wished to kill myself. AND that my quest for justice WAS right, I HAVE been atrociously treated by the NHS, according to the psychiatrist I saw on December 24th 2008. Yet Dr Ballasurryia  DENIED THAT at a later appointment, getting back on the NHS line of telling me I am worthless and move on.

 It is now 8 months since that day and STILL fucking nothing.

Even that “emergency appointment” arranged by Dr Gama has not materialised despite being promised that IT WOULD materialise within 14 days. SO did Dr Gama say that just to get me out of my surgery, OR have I actually been banned from the Psychiatric services, as Drs Ballasurryia and Muthakkumar have BOTH said to me recently? Dr M wanted me to accept medication but with no DIAGNOSIS which I refused as  no diagnosis – no illness therefore how can a doctor treat the patient correctly???? He, I assume, just wanted to give a random drug to me to shut me up. DAMN that is good medical practice. AND he is a consultant psychiatrist.


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