The MP from Neath has replied to me.

Neath Community Centre Cafe, in Orchard street, is closing soon on Saturdays so I went to see my MP, Peter Hain. I saw his receptionist and told her the problem.

I received a reply within 14 days and YET when I write to him about ALL this shit I receive NO REPLY, just an acknowledgement, nothing else.

Although the reply from Neath Town Council did not answer MY question, now there’s a surprise.

They subsidise the cafe to a tune of £50,000  a year. A grand a week and I defy ANYONE to actually enjoy the cheapo coffee and stewed tea. THERE IS NO WAY they spend the subsidy of nearly 1000 a week in the cafe as many a day there is no choice in the meals, no breakfasts available because of NO STOCK.

I got the sum of the subsidy wrong the sum of £50,000 was mentioned by <wots ‘is name >to a customer as the amount LOST , I assume, last year. So they LOST almost £1000 a week instead which is FAR worse. Open 30 hours a week means they loose £30+ an hour, which is either a load of bollix or there must be a good and large fiddle on the cards by someone.

I showed the letter to some people in the Community Centre today and these are some replies: “<blah blah> gives her family free food”  “some days there is no food for breakfast , usually Saturdays” ” <blah blah> is supposed to be the cook yet is often seen sitting around doing nothing” “<blah blah> said to me she wants the place closed so that she can claim redunancy” “They employ SIX staff and yet only 2 are on today, the place is busy and there is no delays”

GOD Neath is a corrupt town. IMHO


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