Thick doctors with mental health problems are the problem with the NHS

But HEY all is OK this doctor is allowed back to work. A doctor who had alleged links to an Islamist terror plot is now working in an NHS hospital.

British Law rightly says one is innocent until proved guilty YET in my medical treatment I am “guilty” of being described as a mental patient and have to prove MY “innocence” or lack of mental conflict. BUT when FACTS show that Dr RB John catastrophically and intentionally described me as a high risk suicide, ALL ignore me.  HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO I NEED? medical opinion etc

The fight to stay alive is VERY hard ONLY the knowledge that I am right keeps me going although I now do not go out of my house as I wish to avoid conflict in my head, meeting nice ex-patients etc etc. I haven’t talked to ANYBODY since 10 am Saturday and unlikely to speak again until Monday at 8.30 am when I meet the boyz in the Cafe. 90 minutes of normality, of sorts, then <SILENCE> just me and my thoughts.

I do wonder though what taking the 56 Bsioprolol Fumarate 5 mg tablets I have  would do to me??? But my death then may not be painless and quick but it surely would make my heart go “WTF” about 20-30 minutes after taking them. I have had some mini heart attacks already and they were not pleasant to use typical British understatement. Maybe that’s my problem…..I am British and living in that shit hole called Wales.


Leading professionals are becoming less intelligent, researchers said yesterday. Lawyers, doctors, accountants and bankers were all cleverer a generation ago, a study found. Doctors, as well as lawyers, accountants and other professionals, are all less intelligent than their generational counterparts.

All they got to do is talk to the so called medical professionals in Neath and see that. I do not include Mark Ramsey and Martin Ebeyer , the Cardiac and Respiratory Consultants respectively in Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Trust as they ARE true professionals in a sea of inadequacies.


The vast majority of doctors would not seek medical help for mental health problems, a survey suggests. Dr Alfred White, consultant psychiatrist at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust and one of the researchers, said Doctors who are reluctant to seek professional advice for mental health issues may be putting themselves, and possibly also their patients, at risk. He called for better support for doctors with mental health problems. WHAT ABOUT DENTISTS

A spokeswoman for the British Medical Association said the findings backed up their own research, which suggested that as well as confidentiality, many worry that admitting to mental health problems could be a barrier to career progression. “What we need is culture change to battle the stigma of mental illness.

“Doctors should feel free to seek help from the NHS rather than think they need to hide what they’re going through.”

A spokeswoman for mental health charity Rethink said: “If doctors themselves are unable to overcome the stigma surrounding mental illness then what hope is there for the rest of us. “The fact that stigma remains strong among doctors – professionals who by definition should know that mental health problems can affect anyone at any time – shows just how entrenched the prejudice is.”




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3 Responses to “Thick doctors with mental health problems are the problem with the NHS”

  1. Deb Says:


    They don’t want smart, capable doctors you know MD.

    Smart, capable doctors are not so easy to bully.

    Thick, mentally deluded doctors are easy to con; they’re easy to buy off.

    hahahaha! Despite my PTSD and all, doctors tend to fall in love with me. Probably because I’m smarter and more capable than they are.

    There is something very very rotten in the state of NHSreich.

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