Medical Incompetence

The death of this baby highlights the incompetence of medical professionals: The original post.

They had diagnosed her before even looking at her and came out ready to give her Tamiflu: I was diagnosed as a high risk suicide and immediately placed on anti psychotic medication WITHOUT ASKING me what I was “in anguish” about. AND  I was diagnosed as being paranoid with delusions of persecution and dislocation from reality from one A4 sheet of paper as the NHS defended Dr RB John.

There are believed to be scores of people who have been diagnosed with swine flu while suffering from another serious illnesses: Or in my case, diagnosed as a high risk suicide when in fact , as proven now, there was nothing wrong with me. Proven by my sister’s recent comment that she knew all along that Dr RB John was destroying my life and yet did nothing.  A recent letter from her says she will NOW do nothing “for various reasons” to right her wrong doing and that she is wondering what our late parents would do. FOR FUCK’S SAKE if my parents had been alive NOTHING like this would have happened. What she should question is why she did absolutely nothing whilst knowing that her beloved colleague Dr RB John was destroying my life

The Meningitis Trust spokesperson, Harriet Penning said. ‘It is very hard for a parent to stand up to a medical practitioner and refuse to accept their diagnosis.  Substitute the word “patient” and

a) we have Dr Gwen Kahan’s angry response in April 2008.

b) we have the recent reaction from Dr F Gama and also here and also here

c) we have Dr Muthakkumar’s response

it goes on and on,  www tells the story and yet NO ONE LISTENS TO ME AND I WILL NEVER GIVE UP TRYING TO GET ANSWERS.

I lost everything because of  THIS pack of lies: The Medical Opinion.


‘We’re going to lose everything.’ 

Mr Dawes saw a doctor for the first time in 42 years after suffering with depression. His wife explained how they had to put the family home in Truro up for sale and her husband’s worries over finalising the sale and possible repossession. She said: ‘Peter had worked hard all his life for his family.  ‘He never saw a GP for 42 years, except in the last year that he became unemployed. He went to sites, he wrote loads of letters, but there was nothing.  ‘He started getting depressed and crying – he’d never been like this before. He went downhill very quickly. He was out of work and he had to pay the mortgage while going onto Job Seeker’s Allowance. We had a visit from a psychiatric nurse and Peter was in the foetal position crying through the whole visit.  ‘We never heard from anyone, for over a month. Then a social worker came and she said it was the recession – she had had to sell her own property and we were all in the same boat.’

The only difference is I am still alive and ALL MY FINANCIAL PROBLEMS were caused by Dr RB John FORCING me to retire www



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3 Responses to “Medical Incompetence”

  1. Tezza Says:

    Put your story on NHS Sucks.
    The medical profession can get away with murder and do, because they are primarily drawn from the same class that are the lawyers, judges, politicians, media men ( and menlike women), lwmakers in whitehall, with the officers of the same class in the army to back them up. Join the revolution to throw out this stinking pile of shit and form a republic. Without that the ruling class stick together and grind you to a pulp. They need overthrowing and throwing out.
    Don’t agree ? Well then suffer in silence.

  2. sam Says:

    It’s about time those twunts in the NHS round your way actually said sorry isn’t it?

    Jeez, it’s bloody obvious to anyone who’s been following your blog that this arrogant/cowardly/incompetent bunch of medicks have stitched you up.

    What do they think they’ll gain from continuing to stitch you up? Don’t they realise that the game’s up? The NHS is going down the lavvy at a pace. That’s also bleedin obvious to us patients who have to suffer their ‘care’.

    I confidently predict that these types will be holding their heads and bemoaning ‘Why didn’t we see it? How didn’t we see that it was all such an almighty mess?’ in a few years time when their insane, delusional and dysfunctional empire has been well and truly exposed for the killing machine that it has tragically become (Mid Staffs Murders anyone? Bristol Heart Scandal? Check out current NPSA stats…it’s all there in vile, gory detail).

    But we see it. And we keep telling them. They chose to turn deaf ears and keep their snouts in the trough. For shame.

    Keep going MD – you’re not mad (well, not half as mad as they are!)

  3. Medical Incompetence | Swine Flu Outbreak Says:

    […] View original post here: Medical Incompetence […]

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