NHS wages hate campaign against me.

I am being bullied by ALL in the Medical Profession but I have age on my side and the SURE knowledge I am right BUT at 15 years old, one is not so strong: Spiteful messages drove schoolgirl to take fatal overdose. for example The inquest heard Megan had burst into tears after being called unpleasant nicknames on Bebo about her ‘scabby’ clothes.

I an constantly being  told to MOVE ON and forget my previous life. I am fighting thoughts and the lost memories of dentistry because  of the reinforcement last year of the total loss of my career and I fight thoughts of suicide for same reason. Each time the thought of SUICIDE hits me I fight it and so far I have won but each time leaves another scar I cannot get rid of. A mental scar so far. EACH time I end up in the psychiatrists they discuss my CURRENT SUICIDAL THOUGHTS and yet when I GIVE THEM THE REASON I WISH TO KILL MYSELF they tell me to move on.

The amount of energy people are spending denying the existence of FACTS is staggering

I feel so dreadfully alone I need help to do things, to force me to  things. I need some one to look through all my documents for the ones as they are needed, bank statements etc etc. and  also to go shopping, do cleaning and stuff round the house. I go to bed EVERY afternoon. I cry at the smallest thing.

YET I can get no help from my GP’s although Dr Gama suggested I had a new illness as I harped on about no diagnosis and accepting treatment so NOW he has referred to counsellor as an emergency.
BUT both sides, GP’s and Psychiatrists  do not seem to EVER communicate with each other  about me.
I tell both WHY I am distressed but neither listen, both say move on
Before my Bypass in April 2008 I had stopped talking to the GP’s about my distress  after the Mental Health Access team, me with a chaperone, said I needed answers and pointed out irregularities in the treatment provided by Dr RB John, so I just went to my GP if I felt ill but I carried on at home with the quest for justice.

then Dr Kahn brought it ALL back again

I KNOW I am right cos if I was wrong Dr RB John  would have said so IMMEDIATELY and written confirmation in my medical notes. BUT he didn’t, he said he could not remember.
and 3 people have ALSO said to me  I NEED ANSWERS but NOTHING IS DONE as the “official” reply is to say the least  inaccurate.


Ill health can be a distressing experience for patients and their families. And if a patient doesn’t understand what’s wrong, what he or she can expect for the future and what the treatment options are, it can only make things worse.

Some articles from PULSE magazine: You have to be logged in to read the full article but a synopsis is in the link. A survey of the performance of NHS trusts in mental health has found more patients are satisfied with the level of care provided, but despite overall improvement, there are still flaws in the provision of services. Our psychiatric patients deserve a better deal. patients with mental health problems are generally disadvantaged by poor social conditions and suffer the stigma of low self-esteem. Even if referred by their GPs, they get a raw deal.  We must be vigilant on GP mental health. The stigma of mental illness in society is strong, and I am ashamed that our profession contributes to this to some extent. This must stop.


GPs should beware of the risks of being ‘too helpful’ to their patients, such as by prescribing unlicensed medicines or getting drawn into their life ‘beyond the surgery’. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT Dr RB John did but he is exemplary. AN exemplary liar.


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