I look forward to my death

A cartoon from the latest edition of Private Eye No: 1241 which shows my sister, Dr KE James defending Dr RB John while he “stabbed me in the back” and TOTALLY FUCKING DESTROYED ME.


And she asks what she could have done for heavens sake. I trusted that man without question because he was her professional partner and I NEVER THOUGHT FOR ONE MINUTE he would callously and  INTENTIONALLY destroy every fucking thing I had WITHOUT TELLING ME AND she sat back and watched, knowing what was going on AND DID NOTHING. Did absolutely nothing.

What else has she covered up for him? Is he REALLY the Welsh Harold Shipman?

She is as corrupt as he is sadly and people say what a good doctor she was. Two patients asked me how I was yesterday so I told then what my sister had said. Both looked exceptionally shocked and mumbled “she was your sister for heavens sake” “she was family” “What on earth is going on” and then “you were the best dentist I EVER had” One hugged me as I cried.


I thought of suicide on Thursday night, thought of ACTUALLY doing it. But not enough tablets as I have nearly run out of all my tablets except the Simvastatin and I assume they would be useless. All my knives were blunt even the bread knife would not cut the bread. I have no alcohol in the house. SO the choice was gassing myself of trying to drown myself in the bath.

ANYTHING would be better than the mood I am in now.

All my hope for life has gone.

That cartoon could also be the response from the Welsh NHS.

I am ashamed to be Welsh, ashamed I fought so hard for NHS Dentistry, my life has been a complete and utter waste of breath.

I look forward to my death.


A woman who falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of rape when he broke off their relationship was jailed yesterday for her ‘vile lies’.
Yet Doctor RB John was said to be exemplary when he drove a patient to the brink of suicide by his vile lies that destroyed the life of that patient. www.mad-dentist’co’uk  I cannot even get fucking treatment.


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One Response to “I look forward to my death”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Cyber hug from me.


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