It is almost as if telling me was an after thought.

I believe Dr RB John arranged all this hell because he arrogantly or stupidly thought he could “help me” get out of my problems by retiring me. But as my sister has confirmed, at last, he was incompetent and that he never once considered talking to me

SO he arrogantly took control of my life. TOTAL CONTROL and yet he never ONCE considered that in his role as my G.P. that sitting me down and discussing the options SHOULD have been the way forward.

He thought that the solution to ALL MY PROBLEMS was FULL RETIREMENT giving me ABSOLUTELY no opportunity to rebuild my life. He goes on about my precarious financial situation and he thought that FORCING ME WITH NO NOTICE to a psychiatric unit WOULD HELP. ALL ARRANGED WITHOUT TELLING ME IN ADVANCE.

He said that the pressure of running a Dental Practice will be too much for me to handle and yet HE FORCED bankruptcy proceedings on me, the reverberations of which STILL blight my daily life. EVEN the NHS Pensions people have said that Long Term Off Sick would have been the more professional approach to give me an opportunity to recover and THEN DECIDE my future.

He INTENTIONALLY lied in the Medical Opinion,  he then lied to me on my release by ignoring ANYTHING I asked. THEN because I was not party to the proceedings the retirement went wrong and the cover up  was started then by Margaret Newton. Assisted by my sister refusing to interfere because he “meant well”. I asked in the NHS Complaint why the change from “Off Sick” to “Full Retirement” was made without consulting me, but no answer to ANY of my questions has ever been received from Dr RB John.

Apart from the question “Who organised my stay in the Psychiatric Hospital?” and the reply was “I do not have access to Mr James’ Medical Notes and I reply from memory and I do not remember.” THAT IS HIS ONLY RESPONSE and the one on which he was found to be exemplary. Ask me about a Complaint and I will tell you MY experiences and also tell you how a practitioner SHOULD respond. Even Dr EM Williams asked for sight of my Medical Notes. (letter in the notes and my possession)

He lied to the Local Health Board and used his position as Medical Director to bully his way past a true and professional investigation.

He has since lied to his colleagues Drs RL and GK etc because he surely could not tell THEM the truth that he had made everything up to destroy me. He probably said that I WAS an ungrateful patient because of all he had done for me and that I was at fault. Hence Dr R L’s comment that I will never get answers and to move on. So did he lie to his friends, the very ones that now defend him. My sister however has know the truth ALL ALONG but she sat back and watched me  be destroyed.

Dr GK sent me to the psychiatrist as an ungrateful patient (see last paragraph) and they , to a voice, say I HVAE NO mental illness, Dr Muthhakkumar confirmed that by not giving me a diagnosis on June 16th 2009.

I gave my web site address out to professional bodies on Friday 17th July and I have to assume that the deluge of hits is associated with that. The majority have my contact details and all I can pray for is that they WILL contact me in the very near future with a good and professional solution. Either that or they will contact me to arrange a meeting in order that, FOR THE FIRST TIME, MY side of the story is listened to.

Dr RB John’s deceit almost started the day he wrote the Medical Opinion and the wording on the compliment slip SHOWS exactly how little he cared.


STOP WASTING NHS FINANCES in the attempt to prove DR RB John is exemplary when the evidence conclusively shows his negligence, malpractice and his lack of fitness to practice.


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