I dunno what to think about my fkn sister BUT one thing has materialised out of all this crap. I AM RIGHT

Dr Ronald Bryn John intentionally destroyed my life by his total incompetence. Who says so?? His senior partner for 20 +years

She says she DID cover up for him. Cover  up his deceit, clinical negligence, malpractice for him? So she is as much at fault as Dr RB John.

I describe her as pusillanimous: lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.

My life has been devastated but it has been a very difficult time People instantly treated me differently there were many shouts of abuse It is difficult to come to terms with this and I ask myself ‘why would someone do such a thing?”

The only hope I have for the future is to put my life back together and try to get back to normal. Is it any wonder that I have NO faith whatsoever that the NHS is there to help me heal?

In fact I am  very wary/frightened of NHS staff now because of the way they have been able to casually patronise, ignore me and then mislabel me because I kept on asking a very reasonable question. I feel like I’m living in a 1984/Animal Farm world. Sadly I am not alone in this In search of the Mental Health Messiahs, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage : A Double Whammy, calum carr and of course Deb Acle  who for nefarious reasons had to close her Blog.

I deserve more respect than this from the NHS. I have had 41 years destroyed, in total, since I started University in 1967. and also working for the NHS throughout my career.


I quote from a letter addressed to Sue Evans Nursing Director of Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board. I cannot remember the reason I wrote to this woman BUT I do remember her ringing me Decemberish 2003 OFFERING ME COUNSELLING…..guess what it didn’t materialise.

This is just one of 254 word documents on my computer

On March1st 1994 I was kicked out of my family home and went to squat in my mothers old home, which my sister had plundered and given away a load of items. I had to sleep on settee cushions covered in curtains, as pretty well all else had gone, for a week or two until I could come to terms with the sudden change of life. The central heating boiler was u/s and so I had to use Neath Swimming baths for washing etc. prior to going to work. I was unable to purchase items as my finances had been thrown into turmoil due to the start of a protracted and vicious divorce. …………

……. I started going to Dr. RB John at this time. It was also at this time that Dr. John said: to stop snivelling, pull yourself together and other “clinical” remarks. He also said he would not be writing down some of my visits in my Medical Notes. He seem to feel that just being available was sufficient. . ………………

……………..Eventually I was sent to Tonna Hospital on Wed PM at 13.00 a time I KEPT saying was TOTALLY inconvenient for me as I had to still keep the NHS Practice (100% NHS) going. I had on a few occasions to cancel ALWAYS with the reason which was I had a patient in pain in the surgery I could NOT leave. I saw Alan Williams at Tonna and we actually just sat there, him in his usual pose. I only have the memory of him as he shifts between his 3 positions of sitting and not saying a word apart from once saying I hated my sister. ……………

………………… I felt lost and alone. I started then my “attempts” at suicide. (remember this letter was written in 2003 after I had had 5 years of CONSTANTLY being told I was a high risk suicide. It had been REPEATEDLY “reinforced in my mind”almost daily.) I had an Escort RS Turbo and then an Audi 80 Sports so I drove from Neath to Hirwaun up the A465 at ludicrous speeds usually crying. I could do the trip from Neath to the roundabout by Hirwaun in less than 9 minutes (3 tracks on a cassette by The Tractors.) A friend (a Motorbike Policeman) observed me on a few occasions flying by and warned me (One time he couldn’t catch me but said he knew I was depressed and wanted to help…. Good god someone cared) (He is STILL a good friend) …………

……….. One looses interest in gaining Medical Help when all you receive are platitudes. ……….

…………..I could not sleep but had no prescribed medication so having tried the “Alternative” medicines Nytol etc. I resorted, with no medical advice to Benylin. ………….

………….. These times were crazy, my Solicitor with great forethought put the CSA onto me and I had 4 years of them ringing me at work somehow managing to bypass my very astute receptionist and starting each conversation not with Hullo but with” What’s your date of birth?” Jared Bradley is the name of that individual. Also rang me incessantly at home calling me the errant husband. I wrote to our esteemed MP Mr P Hain for help. I have the reply somewhere from her Ladyship in charge of the CSA  basically saying that, as I was the missing father I should accept the facts and stop complaining. Thank you Mr. Hain.

Time looses reality and days flow into each other all I remember are the nights the long cold lonely nights. I tried help from the British Dental Association, Medical Defence Union (who incidentally were angry at the biased result of the Chappell case. I got sued by a patient for my treatment on the day I heard my Mum was in a coma) but no help was forth coming. I was told to speak to a Mr Joe Meek who unlike his namesake the legendary Music Producer of the 1960’s left no tangible memory. (This Joe Meek was an advisor for “sick Dentists” I believe he said we (dentists) all get problems.)

Suddenly somehow in 1998 I saw a Dr. Gibbs a private Psychiatrist in Swansea, once or maybe twice at her home I cannot remember, a dark period, Then …I received a call at the Practice on Thursday morning and was told I was to go to Heath House Priory Hospital in Bristol for 9.00 am the next day and to take my pyjamas. When I arrived there I was immediately admitted for 6-8 weeks. Drugged up to the eyeballs and FORBIDDEN to contact ANYBODY regarding my Practice……..

……….. Thursday morning after the telephone call to go to Bristol my nurse rang Chris Mills Wood the Dental Advisor in the FHSA and he promised to get me locum and not to worry just get well. Aaah some help at last.  I discovered the Priory was £300 a day and I was there for 6-8 weeks and I was then very worried re payment and was informed the Health Service was paying. WOW why?? Still I was, I thought, getting treatment.

I was diagnosed as High-Risk suicide (told to drive alone across the old Severn Bridge alone????) and with extreme anger. So in the 1st anger management class they arranged in the Priory I started explaining all the above. Note the word started because I was interrupted after less than 2 minutes and told to GET OUT. Reason: I was too angry. Amongst the other inmates and some Staff I became a celebrity, but deep down inside I died a bit more.

I was sent home to a cold and damp house, by myself, with the future promise of help. I struggled to open the door for the mail and there it was the time warp just the same as it was 7.30 that Friday morning ..the morning I left for hospital. But I was drugged up on some stuff so I could not vent any feelings. I went shopping and of course meet patients (remember I once had over 3k) who all without fail said where the HELL have you been, on holiday I suppose. what about me me me me ME and god you’ve put weight on. ( one actually called me a cunt, ) I had entered The Priory at 12.5st and was now over 14 stone (no exercise and compulsory 3 meals a day) So all that had happened was I’d put on weight (remember Dr. John previously calling me obese at 13.5st) Start of my eating obsessions

No help arrived, I rang Social Services on many occasions and once they knew it was me before I had spoken? Did they have a caller display unit showing the number ringing and my name was on the blacklist… but I never found out. But still no visits.

My Bank Nat Westminster Cardiff had put a block on my current account (£5000 in credit) so I had no money cept my credit card. Nobody would advise me what to do in fact nobody for at least a year did anything.

I discovered from my Accountant that Chris Mills Woods HAD not done as he promised and my once £110,000 practice was now worth squat. He said keep it open and he would help (arrange a locum and take over the daily running of the practice) so I now owed my staff lotsa money etc. etc. AND Heath House Priory Banned Me FROM DEALING WITH THIS. And all my money frozen. ……………

…….. 1999/2000   I asked for help on many occasions and eventually received an appointment with Claire Richards in Tonna Hospital at 13.00 on Friday. It was at the time that Neath council messed up the traffic system in the district of Cimla Neath giving priority to exit from the district (Chicanes and road bumps. This cause absolute chaos and incredible delays.) That morning I was in Mackworth Drive Cimla (past the barriers) with a friend and I left really early for my 13.00 appointment (what is it about 13.00 appointments?)

I was at Tonna Hospital by 12.45. I sat in the waiting room until 13.25 when Ms Richards strolled in going on about the delays in Cimla.<thought why mention that if you are, as she said later, early> In the interview room she started taking some details. Firstt question Next of Kin a little tactless maybe she had no notes, didn’t Alan Williams make notes?. Eventually she asked me what I was going to do with my life ( I then said I want to be a Dentist and she said you can’t as you no longer are one) so  I said rekindle my love of Music. She then said, “I mean a proper job”  (SO I repeated the dentist bit) . She did not know I was a semiprofessional musician at School and University, having played with Roger Taylor of Queen (same year at Dental School) and Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits and decided in 1975 to continue as a Dentist with a Musical Hobby. I had worked with Jonathan King, have written over 300 songs, and nearly became one of the 10 to be chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 and 1992.

I made no excuses but left and went straight to bed. I believe she rang up to find out how I was. As I had had NO assistance with organising my life a friend’s daughter had moved in to look after me and she took the telephone call. Later Claire Richards, in the presence of Dermot Jones, called me a liar because she would never say that. So I can be a liar but SHE cannot. She also strenuously denied turning up late for the *no-time* appt that day. A point never raised but why would I lie for absolutely no reason by saying my appt was earlier. I omitted in my anger to check the Appointment book, now no doubt destroyed/missing.

A letter turned up explaining I was on the waiting list to see Dr S Johns and would receive an appointment in due course. I am glad I did not hold my breath as I still await that appointment  as she is retired ………..

I was placed on the anger management classes in Tonna on a Tuesday afternoon with Gill Thornton, Dermot Jones and another lady. Sharing the “stage” with some really sad people one just out of hospital after a suicide attempt. It was at the time that Swansea Council was improving Fabain Way into Swansea and the queues were atrocious. After six meetings we were informed that deep breathing helps with calming down as does a “Radox”tm bath and that in Ms Thornton’s idea Fabian way traffic jams were the worst cause of serious anger. We all looked at each other and suddenly became one in the knowledge that they don’t care.

However Gill Thornton called me aside and said that I needed one to one counseling and she would arrange an immediate appointment (confirmed by Dermot Jones) I still await. …………….

………….. Meanwhile I was still going to Hunter street Practice and requesting nay pleading for help even went to my sister asking for help but she would not for some sad reason. I shouted in the waiting room well after asking for so long what else is there to do. It is against the law to commit suicide but according to our illustrious leader OK to bomb the living daylights out of who ever he chooses. Mad.

I eventually saw their Practice counselor *How long had they had that* and was transferred to another Doctor in the Practice at Dr Johns request I believe. WHY????

I was sent to a DR Fuller in Pontadawe who whilst looking exceptionally relaxed kept repeatedly saying, “there is nothing I can do but give me a ring if I can help”. I do not understand that because when I returned to Hunter Street I was eventually told I had refused treatment because I didn’t ring Dr Fuller (please re-read this paragraph again and again and again and then tell me what I missed.

Prior to me being Transferred intra-practice I saw Dr John and he weighed me (remember I was 14 stone leaving the Priory having been 12.5 St. on entry) I was nearly 14 stone and he called me obese again (I was now going to the Fitness Gym in Neath 5 days a week for 45 minutes on a weight loosing program arranged by the fitness instructor. An insult coming from a man that is patently obviously overweight due to over eating and over drinking. I then ate weetabix tm 4 a day for 3 maybe 4 months and got to 11 stone.

I made a clinical decision based on the Medical facts I had at my disposal and made a decision but not in a frivolous manner and stopped the Serotonin (I had read enough about GMP’s ignorance on its effects and side-effects as detailed in the Law Case in the USA and on innumerable sites on the Internet). I wrote him a letter detailing the reasons and received a reply that he was deeply upset that I though he had not treated me. He said he was always there. So why no care after leaving The Priory? Why no care after I asked/pleaded shouted for it? But it should make me better just seeing him??? Wow…………….

…………. Gill Simons had arranged an appointment to go and see Dr Ali. Prior to leaving the house the oil-light stayed on in my car to warn me no oil…not oil needed……….no oil. There was no way I could cancel, no time for all those buses and not enough money for cab. So I sprinted to get 5 litres of oil and made it on time. I saw an Irish gentleman that seemed to be on my side, prescribed me some Venlafaxin 75mg tds. I got an appointment sent to me in the post.

On the way home my car blew up. I had £1400 in the world and the cheapest non-wreck was £1300 in Neath in the 2 garages. So now £100.for the rest of the month.

I received a following appointment and related the problems I had had with the drugs previously prescribed i.e. sick for at least an hour after taking a tablet (with food tried before, after and during still the same) with a searing headache and dizziness for an hour and then it was like the sun had suddenly come out …… until the next tablet. I was supposed to take 3 a day could only manage 2 a day. I was in close contact with the Pharmacist and The Doctors Receptionist. I suffered from the side effect of “prostrate” problems at night causing severe pain and difficulty in micturating. I have always drunk between 5 and 10 litres of water a day for most of my life so the problem was intense.) She prescribed Ciprolex during my 3-minute appointment and told me to take these instead and swap over… stop one and take the other just like that. And she took my mobile telephone number saying that they would ring me in the next 24 hours but of course they didn’t.

The first nights I had nightmares waking standing screaming in the middle of the night I saw “things” go up the walls and curtains light flashes in my eyes tinnitus buzzing burning and then I would drop back to sleep very quickly to awake what appeared a short time later doing something else itching scratching crying hallucinating. The days were bad “Hangovers” but no help or advice apart go and see the Doctor that prescribed them which would have been impossible so kept on the new tablets.

I do think that that lady Indian Doctor could have possibly mentioned any side effects that is of course if she even realised/cared what she was doing…………..

………… When I was sent to Heath House Priory in Bristol somebody, not me, signed my retirement papers. That person made a dreadful mistake, dates were wrong and an overpayment to me was made.

Margaret Newton rang me after my discharge from hospital and mixed in with the pleasantries told me to confirm the date she was going to give me as my date of retirement. A different and later date than the correct one. I believe the date given meant I was in Briton Ferry doing teeth at the same time as I was in Heath House Priory Hospital under 5 minute observations and heavily drugged. This has lead me borrowing £4500 to right her wrong. However she said all would be sorted out at her end and I would owe no money. Liar.

Incidentally the Deductions of Earnings Order placed on my Pension has not be lifted by the CSA even though child is 19 yrs and 4 months. The CSA have given me a ref. No: which is wrong and they refuse to communicate with me even when I volunteer my date of birth. I have tried from the Pensions Department but the say it’s not their problem.

I finally died on Friday 17 10 03 at 2.55 p.m. when the person that seemed to be able to talk me through my anger Jill Rees, did not attend, and also the totally unprofessional service received from the Receptionist. The CPN looked worried but asked me what was wrong, when I said the reason, he said well its only one missed appointment. He was the person that took the notes at my first meeting with Jill Rees. Clinicians do tend to have a memory for patients it sort of appears when the patients do and you do actually remember them. He probably wasn’t interested in what he wrote. I have been told to return for another appointment. Why? I have no trust in Jill Rees or, after the Indian Lady Doctors drug advice, the Clinic.

Treatment is always 2 sided unless of course the patient is unconscious. Maybe that is how treatment is undertaken these days. If the patient is so drugged up he/she don’t care what happens. I do not want to spend the rest of my life as a prescribed-drug addict

My self-esteem has been totally eradicated by comments and lack of treatment by all mentioned above.

I do not think Dr R B John used correct clinical judgment prior to my incarceration in The Priory but because of his actions my life has been ruined. Not his actions alone but his action was the first straw on the camel’s back. He did not believe I was becoming ill and angry suicidal and depressed which has made me angry suicidal and depressed. But and a big but now that I am chronically depressed (iatrogenic depression) I am unable to get treatment of any sort. I also believe he told Dr S Johns that nothing was wrong with me. That cannot ever be proved as I mentioned previously he admitted not writing down all my visits. ( I repeat that I still thought I was suicidal, despite KNOWING I wasn’t BUT and a big BUT every so called professional KEPT telling me I WAS a suicide risk and after a while you start to believe it, Psychological Stalking ??)

I wish for my Pension dates to be investigated and the person to blame for the initial mistake brought to justice. I feel this miscreant should have signed me off on sick leave but did not. With treatment then I believe I could have gone back to work and had a life again. Loss of 16 years earnings at TANI .

So far Dr John and others could have cost me over £480000 Reimbursement of the £4500 goes without saying.

I wish for Chris Mills Wood to be hauled over the coals for promising me and my nurse the world the day before I went to Psychiatric Hospital and then not doing anything. Or falsely promising me the earth etc.…My £110000 practice was sold for £28000 after his shallow promise. He was also supposed to communicate with my Accountant but he didn’t past the initial contact. He wouldn’t even reply to my Accountant when Neil rang him.

Total £488,7500.

Why was there no treatment on leaving the Priory Hospital?

Who paid for The Priory Hospital stay? Maybe it’s an entwined involved plot to cover up a mistake that someone made.

I believe I would be a well man now if the Health Service and the people I have dealt with had done their jobs correctly. ………….


That is just one of 254 word documents on my computer and from the wording is secondary to the original and formal complaint. I still have 200 letters to go through for that one.

I worked solely in the NHS side of Dentistry from 1975 22nd August Oxford Street London until that day June 1998 in Briton Ferry. I fought for a NHS Dental Service I stupidly believed in it and I do sometimes think:. “Is this all the thanks I get”.

An analogy:

A patient presents with a tooth that is tender to percussion. I just look at it, maybe waggle it if it moves then keep repeatedly prescribing Penicillin V Tabs 250mg qds. I take no Radiographs because I think the patient is putting it on. When the patient returns I say try these antibiotics see if they work, but still no treatment. Maybe a quick scale and polish. If that patient then complained after 4 years of non-treatment imagine the furore that would ensue. I would be on the TV program “The Worlds Worst Dentists” I would be investigated so thoroughly my own teeth would ache. Imagine that patient then going to various other Practitioners who did the same or less than I had done. Would he be advised Oh go back and try again?


But no Dr RB John is exemplary but my sister knows HE MADE IT ALL UP.

And she sat and watched as I was mentally destroyed and did nothing


May be more tomorrow if I can face going through the other 200 letters or so. I haven’t touched that pile of papers yet.



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  1. Darren Burgess Says:

    Vet interesting story

  2. Fitness Blogger » Blog Archive » I HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG « The Mad Dentist Says:

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  3. Mandy Says:

    Your sister was honest about covering up for another doctor. Hmmmm….I suppose thatshe is being honest now but that is cold comfort considering what has happened to you.

    Is Dr John the one who said suicidal patients should kill themselves or move on? Some medics are all heart!!!

    There was a psychiatrist at the local CMHT who was similar in approach. A friend said he went to them and said he felt like throwing himself in front of a train and they said “well, why don’t you do it then?”. They did stand in front of a train and broke their back. The only lesson in that is if you feel like doing something, and are inclined to do what psychiatrist’s tell you without question, then don’t tell them how you feel.

    I’d like to think that psychiatrists are no longer allowed to use negative reinforcement as a means of ‘counselling’ but wouldn’t bet on it.

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