I cant sleep my head is spinning.

I was going to show how the complaint against Dr RB John was handled today and therefore had to look through the pile of documents I have for the Original Complaint which proved to be too traumatic and I had to fight some dreadful thoughts as you have to read the letters, doncha no matter how hard you try to avoid doing so

So I haven’t slept properly over the weekend and I used to be glad that I could always go to sleep within minutes of going to bed. Oh well back to the hell caused by Dr RB John

My mind now goes over every little detail from June 11th 1998 until that day my arsehole of a “sister” said SHE WOULD NOT INTERFERE BECAUSE HE MEANT WELL” I cannot get my head around how little my sister thought of me and that she would rather watch me destroyed financially and medically than offer “sisterly” love. Somebody said a year or so ago that he thought she was having an affair with Dr RB John, an amusing thought in different times but I ‘spose that could explain her misplaced loyalty.

My sister’s comments to me goes someway to explain the comments regularly heard in Neath when Dr RB John’s name is mentioned.


Now we know why. ALL the doctors, I assume, in Briton Ferry Health Centre regularly cover up for his mistakes.

Dr RB John REFUSED TO TREAT a friend’s bowel pain FOR TWO YEARS saying it was all in the mind. He did prescribe CORTISONE tho’ for the 2 years. Eventually the pain and bleeding got SO BAD my friend paid privately and had an emergency bowel resection and a colostomy bag fitted, at the age of 40. He was told by the Private Consultant that he may have had only weeks to live.

My friend tried to complain about Dr RB John’s lack of treatment but he said he was blocked at EVERY turn and eventually gave up. I asked if he wanted his name on my complaint also and he said” I would rather kill the fucking cunt than EVER see that man again, he nearly fucking killed me” Actually it was a lot worse than that, in real life, if you can imagine so. The anger WAS INTENSE.

I will look in that pile again today and then show that the Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board is corrupt, in my opinion, once I have resurfaced from the hell the search will force on me.

Just thought, the Mental Health Team in Neath Port Talbot Hospital tried to say that ALL MY PROBLEMS WERE BECAUSE I HATED MY SISTER, this was pre 1998 AND post 2000. How fucking true THAT has turned out to be. They also said I hated my mum and this would cause all the problems I had. interestingly my sister wrote to me last Christmas saying that SHE HATED MY MUM and yet worked as a G.P. for 40 years.


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One Response to “I cant sleep my head is spinning.”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hi MD

    Can empathise (in own way) with your anxt. I received 2 pages of bureau babble from local MH Trust Director which didn’t seem to equate to much substance.

    I reckon they are sadists. I really do!!!

    Hoping sleep comes back to you and provides you with some respite from it all :>)

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