War against terror/corruption

I am  destroyed by the NHS because I require answers to questions they refuse to acknowledge. I asked if I was the Welsh David Kelly. Here and here

Now 13 doctors have started a legal challenge to overturn the finding of suicide. A team of 13 specialist doctors has compiled a detailed medical dossier that rejects the Hutton conclusion on the grounds that a cut to the ulnar artery, which is small and difficult to access, could not have caused death. I have no diagnosis of any illness sufficient to warrant hospitalisation. They say emails relating to the case had ‘vanished’, I have had recorded delivery letters go “missing” addressed to the Welsh Health Minister.

One of the doctors, David Halpin, told The Mail on Sunday that they had argued their case in the legal document in ‘microscopic’ detail. He said: ‘We reject haemorrhage as the cause of death and see no contrary opinion which would stand its ground. I think it is highly likely he was assassinated.’ ‘A proper inquest into Dr Kelly’s death must take place


It is now 15 months since DrGK sent me to the psychiatrist rather than actually LISTEN to me as I requested reassurance re my “misdiagnosed” heart disease. Leading to a medical farce which took 9/10 months to actually get that reassurance, Covering insults from the phlebotomist, appalling standards of hygiene from medical staff, 8 visits to the Mental Health Unit in Tonna, being told I was right, twice, and needed compensation, once and then two denials that the psychiatrist, Dr Ballasurryia, had actually said that. Being accused of refusing treatment and/or medication despite no diagnosis of any illness. This resulted in Dr Muthakkumar REFUSING to see me again and throwing me out of the Psychiatric Unit in Tonna. A letter however exists, in my medical notes, where Dr Muthakkumar said I was mildly depressed. This is a  diagnosis but no treatment was offered..

Since April 2008 Doctors in C surgery have told me to move on as “some things will never be resolved”. Drs L and K defending Dr RB John and by so doing FORCING the total destruction of my life BACK into the foreground of my mind and by so doing compromising my already “serious” heart condition. An investigation into the possible misdiagnosis of my heart disease stops at the VERY instance MY COMPLAINT would have started. A complaint against Dr RB John was investigated WITHOUT EVER interviewing me and the result was reached and formed on Dr RB John’s reply “I reply from memory and I cannot remember” and this is called exemplary treatment.

I was struck off and forcibly retired for no reason and have had my health severely compromised as a direct result of the stress I endured as I tried to get answers. Now on August 22nd 2009 I will be BACK again on the poverty line and may have to sell my house to survive.

I have been assassinated by the Welsh NHS and have shown many instances of the intense cover-up performed by the Welsh NHS where they ALL deny me my rights as a NHS Patient and condone the lies and corruption of Dr RB John. High Sheriff of West Glamorgan who is on the All Wales Primary Care Quality & Information Service Advisory Group (or download the word document.) having held posts as Medical Director of the LHB, Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

But no one has EVER asked me ANYTHING about my complaint.

No one has EVER listened to me. All because, as Dr KE J has said, “He meant well”


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