Suicidal thoughts YET AGAIN

I can’t even go to fucking Tescos without being asked about teeth as has just happened 20 minutes ago. An ex patient’s wife, who works in Tesco’s, asked me about her wisdom teeth.

Or do I tell the person to fuck off and leave me alone and loose another friend? Cos when I tell them what has happened and why I do not want to fkn talk about teeth they then say “Get over it, move or it’s only money”.

NO IT IS 40 years of my fkn life destroyed by an intentional lie.

Or do I take medication as Muthkkumar insists and then STILL experience the shit but this time I am like a fkn zombie? Like I was between 1998 and 2004 as the so called Mental Health Services reinforced every time I SAW THEM THAT I WAS A HIGH RISK SUICIDE.

Thanks to Dr RB John’s lies. Medical Opinion and Compliment Slip.

Or do I kill myself to get away from this hell?

I NEVER was suicidal in 1998 and these thoughts have only surfaced because of Dr G K

and then Dr Ballsurryia said I needed compensation

I say to Edwina Hart “Is the treatment I now receive from Castle Surgery the “correct level of care” that you hoped they would show to me.

And all because Dr RB John is a despicable man. Not even beating the crap outa him would help. I NEED ANSWERS and as Dr Balla says “I DESERVE COMPENSATION”.

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