Gross Negligence

I had a haematoma in my right wrist following Dr Gupta’s 90 minute angiogram prior to the bypass in 2008 according to a letter from Mr Ramsey, Cardiology Consultant addressed to Dr R L in C Surgery. Letter dated 7th September 2007.

I suggest that THESE letters are NEVER read by ANY Doctor in Castle Surgery

Dr Ramsey sent ME a copy at the time he wrote the letter. That is why I asked SO MANY TIMES about my right wrist. So for Dr A L to REFUSE TO ANSWER by saying that I as the patient do not understand is GROSS NEGLIGENCE on her behalf. She obviously had not read that letter, nor intended to read it and also did not allow me time to explain the presence of this haematoma. AND the continuing pain in my right wrist.


I rang Castle Surgery to talk to Dr G about my blood tests which were normal, and requested a non urgent  appointment to discuss the results.  The receptionist told me to ring back the next morning to book this appointment as Dr G was fully booked that day. I said I appreciated that but wished to book an appointment “for any time in the next 2 weeks” as stated in the long preamble as I waited to be connected. She angrily said he was busy and to ring the next day. I tried to say that the preamble said I could book an appt. She interrupted and told me I could not and to ring the next day. I called, in person, the next day and easily booked an appointment for the following Monday. That initial receptionist IS an ignorant cow and should NOT BE IN EMPLOYMENT. BUT then I assume that she has been told to say that by Dr R L as the surgery makes money from the 0844 number

Why did Dr G tell me to stop the medication prescribed by the Out of Hours Doctor? WITHOUT an explanation. Is he saying, without further investigation , that this Doctor is incorrect? He said to stop IMMEDIATELY after I told him I had been prescribed Nitro Lingual Spray.

Why then did he arrange a blood test and how would THIS specifically lead to a diagnosis for treatment considering the symptoms that lead me to attend the Out of Hours Clinic?


Interesting comparison:

I asked Dr G K for reassurance re my “misdiagnosed” heart disease and she sent me to the psychiatrist. She totally ignored what I was saying and prescribed CATASTROPHICALLY the wrong treatment. ANd lied in her entry in my Medical Notes. That is negligence and malpractice.

I asked Dr F G for reassurance re  the “diagnosis” from the Out of Hours Doctor and he IMMEDIATELY said for me to stop the treatment prescribed,  Dr G therefore saying  that this diagnosis was NOW wrong. Yet he only arranged more bloody blood tests. FOR WHAT REASON apart from financial gain for the surgery? Dr G ignored what I, as the patient was saying, and told me to stop the treatment prescribed implying that the Out of Hours Doctor was now INCORRECT.

WHO THE FUCK DO YOU TRUST? I trust Mr Mark Ramsey in HIS diagnosis. I trusted Mr Martin Ebeyer with my Lung Abscess. I distrust and am growing to despise ALL Doctors in Castle Surgery, yet I have NO CHOICE BUT to see them.

One thing Dr RB John has shown, he has shown that doctors in Neath think they are GODS and ALL are negligent and guilty of malpractice to some degree.

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