Dr G told to stop using the Nitrolingual spray given by the Out of Hours Doctor on Saturday. SO who do I now believe??

My BP for Dr G  was 132/80 and pulse, I believe, 72 so I have actually got better as my pulse used to be 100+ and BP 150+ over 80ish before. But then I am on tablets.

I BEGGED him to treat the cause rather than the symptoms and read, and gave, him a brief paraphrase of the last post saying that this could be the last time he sees me if I get another shock like that. Does he want that on his conscience for the rest of his life, if he does nothing.

I have just had a blood test for Lipids, Liver function and something else I forget. I was supposed to fast but I do not remember Dr G telling me that. Anyway I only had a coffee two and a half hours earlier so it was deemed OK. No gloves were used tho’ and the hands weren’t washed by the nurse, so no hygiene precautions were seen again. Telling Dr G about these breaches seems to fall on deaf ears

I really want to die at the moment but it is no use telling Dr G because thanks to the various psychiatrists in Neath I am banned from any further treatment cos I wont take medication without a diagnosis


On the way from the blood test and within 200 yards of C Surgery I got way laid by Brian and Andy, 2 ex patients, Andy needs a clearance of all his remaining teeth and wanted me to do them as the NHS will NOT arrange a general anaesthetic for him and he has to pay over £400 which he has not got. He said my ex practice had gone to the dogs, no one seemed to care anymore like the time I was there. They both said almost in harmony “I was the best dentist etc etc” They are both professional singers so it was a minor third, Brian taking the root.

THEN I met and had a coffee with an mate for MIND and HE said, without prompting, that Dr John was the most unpopular Doctor in Briton Ferry Surgery. He said there were queues for the other docs as no one volunteered to see Dr John. Only his words of course but I had heard that before. He had just changed surgeries to Castle Surgery so I told him to avoid K and L for a start and see G or M if he could and told him why.

Then I saw my effin brother in law and I burst into tears. I could take no more.

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