The final straw

When I become 60 in two months I will be instantly £500 pcm worse off.

I am now on Income support but this will change to Pension Credit when I am 60, on August 22nd this year.

A lady from the pension services came round yesterday and told me that my income is now too much and I will loose the need for Pension Credit when I am 60 so I will be instantly £500 a month worse of in the next 2 months because as well as loosing the £320 a month of Income Support I will now have to pay council tax of nearly £200 a month

SO  I WILL BE INSTANTLY £500 pcm worse off.

I will not be able to survive financially

There is no need to kill myself now as my BP is EXTREMELY high I can hear it BANGING in my ear now as I type. I couldn’t sleep last night as I couldn’t stop myself thinking.

These events also show that Medication would be the worst form of treatment for me in these circumstances just as immediate hospitalisation was in 1998.

A man attacked by Denis Nielsen the serial killer described concisely, in a TV programme recently, the feelings of being unnecessarily on psychiatric medication. He put it into words I could not. He said it was like being in a balloon which severely reduced his ability to react normally, all his sense were dulled and NOONE listened to him. He said he had been attacked by Nielsen BUT the psychiatric professionals said it was all in his mind and kept ignoring what he was saying. Until the Neilsen was arrested and the truth came out.

THIS is how I feel now and also how I have felt for the last ten years as the whole of the NHS denies the truth. No one listened to me and ignored what I WAS SAYING totally telling me to move on.


Dr RB John



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