DIAGNOSIS : Typically, a person with abnormal symptoms will consult a physician, who will then obtain a history of the patient’s illness and examine him for signs of disease. The physician will formulate a hypothesis of likely diagnoses and in many cases will obtain further testing to confirm or clarify the diagnosis before providing treatment

Dr Muthakkumar has refused to see me just because I WANTED A DIAGNOSIS of the illness for which I apparently REFUSED treatment. I asked him 3 times for a diagnosis and he refused to answer.

Dr Gwen Kahan sent me in April 2008 to the Psychiatrist as “AN UN-GRATEFUL PATIENT” because I wanted reassurance about the DIAGNOSIS of my heart condition, having been told that the DIAGNOSIS was initially incorrect.

Mr DH SImpson of the Independent Review said I had no DIAGNOSIS of any illness sufficient to warrant my hospitalisation but that the treatment was exemplary.

So after 11 years I am no nearer getting answers from, initially, Dr RB John and now the NHS, but ONE thing, one word, sticks in my throat. One word that seems to not be in the language of the NHS in Wales.

One word I based my career on: DIAGNOSIS.

I spent 23 years of my life doing 4 things.

Examination, investigation of symptoms including tests, diagnosis and then and only then treatment.

I now see no point in continuing this life.

Dr RB John, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan will soon have killed me as I no longer wish to live.

I thank Mandy, Nikki, Calum and of course dear Deb Acle for their support.

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