Seems pointless making an effort to stay alive.

I asked the psychiatrist for the diagnosis of the illness for which I KEEP getting appointments with the Tonna Mental Health resources.


He said then I “refused” medication despite Dr F Gama saying medication is contraindicated because of my “heart condition”


Maybe my question is lost in translation. Maybe I ought to learn a different form of English to make myself understood.

I ASKED “WHAT IS THE FUCKING DIAGNOSIS FOR WHICH I GET ALL THESE FUCKING APPOINTMENTS?”. (Without the fuckings of course, maybe I should have sworn at him) I totally lost it but this time I was thrown out/asked to leave. (spell check for fuckings was ducklings, how cute for such a venomous word)

It is pointless going to ANY FUCKING Doctor in Neath because ALL seem not to know how to report an under performing, negligent Doctor.

Dr Muthakkumar too has refused to see me again SOOOO

 say I now stand on the fkn bridge threatening to jump and I get sectioned BUT the top psychiatrist in West Glam, Muthakkumar, has refused to see me so what fkn happens.

NOW TWO of the “top” psychiatrists in West Glamorgan,  Drs Ballasurryia and Muthakkumar, have refused to see me, which implies that I DO NOT HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS. YET I am standing on a bridge threatening to jump into the sewerage in the River Neath. 2 doctors are needed to section me BUT two of the top psychiatrists have said I am not ill, by their refusal to treat or even offer a diagnosis. SO why the fuck am I standing on the bridge threatening to jump????

EH?? Dr RB John???

The clinical psychologist says there is NO TREATMENT for me 


THE mental health team have refused to treat me which implies strongly  that I HAVE NO FUCKING MENTAL ILLNESS surely???

I am just EXCEEDINGLY ANGRY and it is time for some serious excesses.

Oddly enough my left arm has not gone numb and my weak pulse in my right arm is 72, confirmed in my neck.

Castle surgery cannot now send me to the psychiatrist now so what do they do when I tell them of the trigger points for the developing PTSD and their effects?


tHE mAD dENTIST 1967 -1998

The details surrounding the moment of my destruction are no longer important. The hell I went through experiencing the destruction of my life is nothing compared to the hell I am experiencing 10 YEARS LATER.

Some examples:         April 29th 2009            May 1st 2009                May 4th 2009                May 6th 2009                   May 8th 2009                 May 9th 2009                   May 10th 2009

I wanted to commit suicide 22nd December 2008

BUT now in June 2009 I still have received ABSOLUTELY no counselling or treatment. I am told however to move on and get used to my destruction.

You cannot make this up. All because of THIS WORK OF FICTION


they don’t know what the fuck they are doing. It is definitely time for those serious excesses.


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