Four hours to change my life

How can I expect the truth and answers from Dr RB John and the subsequent cover up when Gordon Brown announces the inquiry into the Iraq war. It will meet in secret and blame no one. It will have no legal powers to demand documents, compel anyone to attend or require witnesses to swear an oath. And since it will take at least a year to conduct, the findings will come out safely beyond the date of the next General Election.

So the NHS Wales covering up for the corrupt Dr RB John is extremely minor in comparison.


I saw a Dr McNally in Castle surgery about my chest infection. She could not find the pulse in my right hand but saw no significance in this even though I said I KEEP asking about it.  She said “it came to something when a patient showed the Doctor how to do something”

I mentioned the pain in the wrist also and that was ignored.

She mentioned the appointment with the psychiatrist today and during the ensuing conversation about that ignorant man Dr RB John, Locum Insurance was mentioned and I told her I had had 4 hours in effect from being told FOR THE FIRST TIME that “I was to be sectioned” to being “sectioned” so how was I supposed to fucking react. If I had been able to IMMEDIATELY arrange all the important things necessary then I wouldn’t have needed to go to hospital. I, at least, needed considerably longer than 4 hours but this was  denied.

I tried to arrange all my sickness insurances AFTER my release but was told by all concerned that this could not be done in retrospect as I should have informed the companies BEFORE I WENT TO HOSPITAL.

In four hours.

And still I have that fkn appointment this afternoon at 4.00pm


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