4015 days later

Eleven years ago today at 11.30 am GMT I made the biggest mistake of my life. I trusted a Doctor, I believed that a Doctor would not lie.

AND so my life and career was destroyed.

I hope Dr RB John is happy today surrounded by his cohorts, Drs EM Williams, R L, G K and my sister Dr KE J.


I was told by the Human Rights Commission in Cardiff that I HAD NO RIGHTS yet Travellers have rights,  Terror suspects have rights and that was just from the front page of ONE newspaper.


Greed, collapsing moral values and the decline of old-fashioned virtues such as honesty and tolerance were named as blights on the lives of millions.


Other national papers DO exist. One rule for one….                         no news  here in this paper.                             Corruption in Parliament is reported here                           At least the tits are on page 3 rather than being High Sheriff of West Glamorgan                          AND from the Times …Who gives a flying fuck about this story?                          And no news from Wales.


I sent this email to the Welsh Assembly Health Minister on 10th JUne 2009  but no reply so far, I requested a read receipt.

Dear Madam,

    I most sincerely apologise for this email but having seen who the second swine flu victim is I have been unable to sleep and my mind has been in turmoil. Please read the following.

    On starting the Complaint against Dr RB John I moved to Dr EM Williams’ Tabernacle Street Surgery in Skewen, Neath. In 2004 I presented to her feeling dreadfully ill with extremely high temperature and excessive thirst, 4-6 litres a day of water. She seemed to ignore these symptoms and spent time describing me as a good looking man and giving me tips on how to improve my appearance. I also felt it was not a totally professional appointment. The second visit I gave my symptoms and she said “that she did not listen to patients and only went on her examination”, which then was extremely cursory. The third visit I saw her partner and he gave me Amoxycillin. I went to Casualty in Neath Port Talbot Hospital where it was discovered I had Mycoplasmic Pneumonia and a “light shadow” on my left lung. I was given strong antibiotics. A few weeks later I awoke in the middle of the night coughing incessantly, pain in my chest with sweat pouring from me like a water-fall so I rang 999. I was admitted to Ward C in Neath Port Talbot Hospital where Dr M Ebeyer drained my 1.3 litre Lung Abscess. I was in for 3 weeks and the cause was suggested as “delayed treatment” for the pneumonia. I was the Senior Registrar’s Clinical Case in his forthcoming examination as my abscess was the biggest he had ever heard off.

    After a rather chaotic and unprofessional start to an informal complaint (out of date complaint form and refusing to give me a copy of my notes despite keeping the £10 cheque for 6 months) but when MIND in Neath rang on my behalf regarding my sight of my medical notes she screamed at Sharon that “I was only a mental patient”. I changed surgeries as I passed the complaint onto the Local Health Board, where Dr RB John was Medical Director, and at the same time I asked Katie Norton, the CEO for the connection between Dr RB John and the Local Health Board. It was while I was in Ward C that I had more proof, in the Evening Post, that Dr RB John was Medical Director. I asked  Katie Norton 3 times as I wished to ascertain the viability of the investigation considering this conflict of interest but she never answered. The following acting CEO confirmed that he indeed was the Medical Director and both complaints were rapidly passed to the Independent Review in Brecon where Dr EM Williams was quickly found to be exemplary with no case to answer.    Dr EM Williams however did ask for sight of my Medical Notes, unlike Dr RB John.

    I believe that I had had the “silent heart attack” prior to the 999 telephone call. The silent heart attack mentioned in the response to that complaint at the beginning of the year. Associated with the stress caused by a major upheaval in my life, the loss of my career in 1998 caused by Dr RB John’s total refusal to be professional.

    Interestingly in October/November 2007 I had a surprise letter from the General Medical Council in Manchester telling me that my case against Dr RB John was out of date, as I already knew, and that it was not unique but would not elaborate despite me asking many times. Also they said that there was a case to answer regarding Dr EM Williams and that they had referred it back to Neath Port Talbot Health Board, under the present CEO. I have never EVER sent a letter to the GMC in Manchester but I received the reply at roughly the same time as the first of two recorded letters to your office went astray.

    I have recently asked Dr Goodall about this complaint but have received no reply. I had threatened to commit suicide in December 2008 and had seen Dr Ballasurryia who said that the NHS had treated me abysmally and I deserved compensation for the loss of my career. She has since denied saying that and has refused to see me again.(yet I have another appointment with Tonna on the 16th June) I was going through all that at the time Dr A Goodall did not comment on Dr Williams’ case and so it is just another irritation similar to the treatment I received from Dr Rao regarding my right thumb and the complaint I stopped.

    Seeing her name has indelibly reminded me of the 3 weeks spent in Ward C, the threat of removal of part of my left lung if it did not clear. The worrying tests for Cancer that I underwent. And meeting, in my last week in Ward C, an old friend Paul I hadn’t seen since school, who died a few weeks later from a brain tumour. It has reminded me of the “NHS Complaint Service” and what they called me; paranoid, with delusions of persecution and dislocation from reality.

    And reinforced again the despair over the loss of my career in 1998 in “mysterious circumstances”.

    I am kept being told to move on, which I was prior to the loss of Blood Pressure and pulse in my left arm and then the severe pain in my right wrist/thumb. I am a classically trained pianist, Grade 5 RAMA and have played guitar and piano since the age of 6 and was developing a 2nd career as a composer and performer. My medical condition put paid to that as I cannot  play either now because of the problems in my arms.

   And I still cannot seem to get any form of help from Castle Surgery. I have an appointment tomorrow (Monday) to try again to get help with the way I feel medically and mentally. Both caused by one act of negligence, malpractice and their ongoing side effects.

    Thank you so much for reading this. I believe I now have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as I now react to stimuli, to the reminders of an horrific time over which I had not control. This is not the 1st time I have felt so desperate nor will it be the last, but this time the “cause”, her name, has been reported Nationwide.

    If Dr K had listened to me I would not have wished to commit suicide last year, If Dr Williams had listened to me I probably would not have had a lung abscess. BUT if Dr John had TALKED to me NONE of this would have happened. I would still probably be a NHS Dentist with 5 years left to work. My accountant and I had brokered a “rescue” deal with my Bank which pivoted on my communicating with the bank 3 times a week and me ringing the Insurance Company daily to try and force them to pay the compensation. I have to stop now as I have just been reminded of the catastrophic failure of this deal.

    Thank you again for reading this, it may give you some idea of my desperation.

Yours Faithfully

Alyn D F James.



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