Poons is dead and I want to join him

A guy that used to frequent a website  I do, committed suicide on Saturday 30th May 2009. I never knew him but did look at his website, but it was too traumatic for me to do that too often because I TOO WANT TO COMMIT SUICDE ALSO.

RIP Dave Halligan

I am not an alcoholic, I am a not a drug addict, I am just a person that is being killed by the very NHS I worked for for 23 years. As EVERYONE covers up one man’s deceit and lies.

However I fight these suicidal thoughts daily as I am doing right now.

I have deleted the post about the visit to the doctors yesterday regarding my severe chest infection, pain in my right thumb and my suicidal ideation. She totally ignored two out of the three of the above and so I am on antibiotics for my chest infection. I have lost count of the number of times I have asked the “doctors” in Castle Surgery about my thumb.

If/when I kill myself the reaction from my sister and the rest of the corrupt so called professionals in Neath, protecting, Dr RB John will be THANK GOD HE HAS GONE.

Corruption is rife in the UK today.

Especially in the NHS in Neath, West Glamorgan.


But then even so called respectable newspapers lie.

Who’s that hiding in the back of the car Harry?


look carefully at the picture  about here: It is 2 pictures stuck together

AND look at the comments, I believe all think it is real. AND THESE ARE PEOPLE that probably voted in the recent elections.

And people that commented on this story, except one :>).

But this just shows a cross section of the thoughts of a few people in Neath regarding my MP and his forgetfulness.

Apart from the money he forgot to reply to me also. When I went to his Neath office some member of his staff appeared to think that HE was the man I wished to speak to. NO, who ever you were, I wrote to Peter Hain, not you.


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4 Responses to “Poons is dead and I want to join him”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    I feel so humbled that I received a sudden increase in visitors in memory of a man I never knew. I feel so sad I never knew him but I will NEVER forget his memory.
    May God bless him and show him the love people have for him.

    I thank you for your kind thoughts and totally understand YOUR fears for that man you know.

    WHat the hell is it with this bloody world.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Another lamb to the slaughter. Sure that will get some shackles up but that is how I see it.

    Someone I knew well enough to grieve for died last year and that filtered into the ever growing sea of despair at those I have known who have killed themselves or been killed by the system (usually a mixture of both).

    Whilst queuing up for cigs in the local ASDA. Local being out of my walking comfort zone…..anyway whilst queuing, I saw the front page of the local rag and it had the face of a someone I knew when I was in respite care (a much needed service, eraicated by Labour’s modernisation programme). The last time I saw him, he was looking dishevelled and in need of help. I asked him if he was okay…DOH! Stupid bloody question but I didn’t want to force myself or any unwanted other stuff on him. He just grunted “Yes” and then walked off.

    Is difficult to know what to do. Perhaps I should have called the local CMHT. But I have done that several times before for people in crisis and I got very short sharp shift.

    Now he has been missing for 3 weeks and I wish I had said something different.

    I fear the worst. I don’t want to fear the worst for you.

    Please stay a constant. We all need each other (well those with genuine care) to help us muddle along through. :>)

  3. UK results for West Glamorgan in West Glamorgan Says:

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  4. Poons is dead and I want to join him Says:

    […] Original post by themaddentist […]

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