2nd swine flu case in Wales

is Dr EM Williams or Doctor B. I have been told that I will only get justice from the NHS about Dr RB John’s deceit when pigs fly and one of his “corrupt” compadres now has swine flu. IS THAT AN OMEN?

She is apparently a friend of Dr RB John and was the “doctor” to whom I changed to start a complaint against Dr RB John, as all friendly approaches had been exhausted. ie he blamed me, GMC didn’t reply, solicitors wanted £5000 up front and/or lost my papers or didn’t reply. Interestingly one Medical Negligence firm in Swansea refused to take the case against Dr RB John due to “Conflict of Interest”

She seriously delayed my treatment for mycoplasmic pneumonia which lead to a lung abscess. She spent one appointment apparently trying to force her sexual ways on me as she refused to even discuss my medical problems, High temperature, extreme thirst (4++ litres a day of water) racking cough with dark green sputem. She said I was a good looking gentleman, she suggested a new hairstyle to make me even better, in her opinion. She did not even examine my chest but sat there talking about my looks etc etc for about 20+minutes and refused to treat me. Even through the haze of a high temperature and headache I got the distinct impression she was “chatting me up” and said so to many people at the time.

Next appointment she said that “she never went on what a patient said regarding their illness but only went on her examination”. Then she did examine my chest in a manner that I described as “PLAYING THE BONGOS”  at a later date. but still no treatment. I refused to see her at the next appointment, when I had a chaperone from MIND, and her colleague a Dr Evans gave me a course of 250mg of Amoxycillin, 4 times a day for 5 days.

I eventually went to casualty with the symptoms and the registrar said, when he  asked who my GP was, that he had treated Dr Williams for mycoplasmic pneumonia the week or so before. I had a chest X-Ray the 1st of I believe 20 but this one was clear. I was placed on some antibiotics the name of which I forget.

Then I woke early one morning coughing incessantly with sweat pouring out of me and my heart beating fit to burst, I was violently sick 2 or 3 times and rang 999. I crawled to the door on my hands and knees and was taken again to casualty. The Paramedic asked who my GP was and said that she had had many patients complain about Dr EM Williams’ lack of interest in symptoms and, in her words, her neglect. This was the time I believe I had had the silent heart attack that helped cause all my current medical problems but it was “not discovered” at that time despite ALL the tests I had pre admission. I then developed a 1.5 litre lung abscess described as caused by delayed treatment.

Read a short version here of my treatment from her Skewen Surgery

I also started a complaint with Neath Port Talbot Health Board but they did not even respond and immediately referred her to the Independent Review where they said Dr EM Williams was EXEMPLARY and no case to answer. Now there’s a surprise.

BUT interestingly the GMC eventually responded to me, out of the blue in 2008, and said that they expressed GREAT CONCERN over her treatment of me and had referred her case BACK TO THE NEATH PORT TALBOT HEALTH BOARD and that the board would respond to me with their results of their investigation, which they have NEVER done. I have asked them about their investigation but Dr Andrew Goodall the CEO never responded to that question. My original complaint against her were for negligence and serious breaches of hygiene, by her nurse/phlebotomist.

 What the fuck is it with phlebotomists? I was also told  recently, from an official medical source, that DR EM Williams HAD RETIRED and no longer practiced.


Apart from trying to kill me by her negligence I also believe that the “lack” of treatment from her was linked to my complaint with Dr RB John.

They were friends apparently and I assume he knew where I had gone when I left his surgery as he was Medical Director of the Local Health Board.

I believe he then suggested that Dr Williams “make my life awkward” as a “punishment” for me being a complainant. (Many GP’s prior to moving to Wales had told me that this was common. I was a dentist, remember, and mixed in Medical Circles in and around  London.) BUT she blew it  because I WAS seriously ill and ended up nearly loosing part of my left lung. Her “reward” for these shenanigans was “being found exemplary” in the “unexpected complaint/investigation”.

Dr DH Simpson of the Independent Review in Brecon said that Dr RB John had “private and personnel notes about me, to which he referred” and I have always believed that DR RB John illegally looked at my notes in Dr EM Williams’ surgery.

 BECAUSE WHY would he keep notes about me and written I would assume in 1998, if he was EXEMPLARY???? Why not consult my Medical Notes? (He would have had to ask for my permission to do so and he NEVER EVER DID).

I also believe Dr RB John “decided” what parts of my medical notes were to be passed to the Independent Review. For example the Medical History WAS NEVER EVER INCLUDED, described by Adam Peat, the Welsh NHS Ombudsman at the time, as “NEW EVIDENCE” and refused to accept them. My first copy of the opinion was a photocopy taken FROM my medical notes.

Some more examples I feel showing the corruption surrounding Dr RB John and his “treatment of me” Auspices of Fair Comment

I could of course be TOTALLY wrong but what other explanation is there??????

I make no comment about pigs in a trough and swine flu. Pigs in a trough because she too joins the list of “Doctors” that have defended Dr RB John. ( L, Kn, Js, W) to the detriment of my health.

I have said that since Dr John destroyed my professional life and my sanity he has also caused my respiratory, circulatory and my cardiac systems to be compromised.

What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive: Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)


In true political fashion I now creep in the bad news. The letter I posted yesterday turned up this morning at 7.30. And I forgot to post today’s. No need to post Monday’s now. Still was this the correct way to receive the medical opinion?


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