you still have gums, so suck your food

I have just posted a second class letter to myself tonight to catch the last post. 5.15. I am also posting similar on Saturday, to simulate missing said last post. I will also post one on Monday before the last post, just to see when they arrive. I used to post my letters EACH day when one nurse/technician went home at 5.30. All second class because if there was an urgency then my receptionist would telephone the patient

Although I cannot think what, in Dentistry, would be as devastatingly important as you will no longer have your job, business within the week.

I will leave my house next week at the same time I used to leave when I was working. 6.45 am on Monday and Tuesday, because I went swimming in the early bird session in the local swimming pool. And 7.30 on Wed and Thursday, the 11th June. cos I went straight to work.

I will then expect to receive the post on my return home. I will let you know the results and I will scan and post  the envelopes just to show them.


re the receptionist ringing the patient if there was an urgency. And the telephone call Thursday 11th June 1998.

Imagine getting a telephone call, with no warning, telling you that you had to have ALL YOUR TEETH EXTRACTED the next day in hospital.

Imagine, when you say WHOA HANG ON I have things to sort out, in this analogy to get some dentures made, they say we will arrange that for you starting tomorrow.

Imagine when you say nobody told me about this I need time to sort things out, they say if you don’t go we will MAKE YOU GO. (I can’t think of how they could do that to take all your teeth out), but it was insinuated that I would be sectioned, which in my mind meant the POLICE CALLING round to “contain me” IN MY DENTAL PRACTICE<> IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY” ARRESTED in front of my patients. It was lucky that I had already made the afternoon free.

So when you come out of hospital, with no teeth cos nothing had been arranged to make them despite repeated promises that all was OK, do not worry, it will all be done.

Then when you ask the dentist why, he refuses to answer. You scream and shout asking for the dentures as promised and then after 11 years THEY still do not fit, THEY STILL hurt like hell, Bits of broken roots STILL appear

Then in the complaint the Health Authority say that although there was no reason to extract all your teeth in the first place, the dentist was exemplary in his treatment of you and you are a trouble maker and it was all your fault all this happened anyway.

Then you discover that there was nothing wrong with your teeth in the beginning, maybe a few fillings and a scale and polish were needed.

Then they give you the wrong dentures, and so on.

The Authorities response is you still have gums, so suck your food, tough shit.

None of that would have happened

You have increasing  pain in your jaws and no teeth  now. When pre 1998 you had a full set of natural teeth and a bit of discomfort maybe. PAIN directly caused by the “treatment”


My mate D*** the computer whizz came round for a chat yesterday and when asked how his business was, talked about “my old practice” as he was setting up a network for them.

I bumped into K**** who recently had a bad motor-bike crash and fractured his jaw in 14 places (!) and is now going for an operation to replace part of his jaw with part of his tibia/fibula (I forget which and yes it does sounds odd as I would have thought rib myself. He DOES have about 2 inches of his jaw missing, I’ve seen the X-Ray) He asked me for advice about dental implants and whilst talking to him in the pedestrian area of Neath I collected quite a crowd of ex patients all wanting to shake my hand and talk to me: “we miss you, Al” “the best dentist the Ferry has ever had” “why don’t you open up again?” A few just passed and smiled at me. In total about 10 counting K****.

I strolled home and as I passed a pub I heard a *tap tap* on the window, turned and saw a few grinning, and pissed faces some pretending to be “wide mouth frogs“, fingers in the corners of their mouths, some giving me the thumbs up. All ex patients.

I saw another old receptionist from Dr RB John’s surgery AND SHE SMILED AT ME and said “Hullo Alyn”

So my left arm went tingly, I felt breathless and went immediately to bed (noon) and got up 4.15 ish feeling medically a bit better but now I wish to die. My son has just rung so I have to fight these thoughts just for him. I have to get answers to enable me to live a life.

BASICALLY I want to know WHY THE FUCK it is deemed good medical practice for my “doctor” to arrange a treatment plan WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE that involved me being in, effect, STRUCK OFF.


Just a thought the post box is in my front wall of my garden, 40 yards or so from my front door. took me maybe 30 seconds to do the round trip. Now each letter has to go to the sorting office in either Swansea 10 miles or Cardiff 40 miles, I assume, then back to me here in Neath. Then the postie who parks his car outside my gate most days delivers to me last having walked to the end of the road and back, say a mile.

123 miles and 90p to see when I may have received Dr RB John’s Medical Opinion. Assuming the post times as above. Assuming a similarity in delivery times between 1998 and 2009.

Second Class mail aims to deliver your letter or packet by the third working day after posting, including Saturday. It costs just 30p for letters weighing up to 100g that are no more than 5mm thick and up to C5 in size.

SO I should receive the letters by Thursday at the latest. 

Thursday  11th June 2009. Same day. Same date as 1998.

Not a vast amount of time for me to sort my fucking life out if he had told me I WAS TO BE IMMEDIATELLY RETIRED which when you read the Medical Opinion , you see he said “it would be in my best interest IF I took medical retirement” IF not WHEN.

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