The Words of My Destruction.

Eleven years ago today Dr John “wrote” his medical opinion. It was dated 4th June 1998. He also wrote the Compliment Slip which he wanted to keep secret, where we both had to keep our stories straight.

BUT when was it posted??

I say that BECAUSE I sent a RECORDED DELIVERY letter to Edwina Hart Welsh Assembly Health Minister on 27th April 2009. As I had not received a reply I emailed her office:yesterday 3rd June 2009.

I sent a recorded delivery letter to your office on the 27th April 2009 and am wondering if you have received this communication. I attach a copy of my letter. I have not attached the documents I enclosed in that letter but can forward them to you on request. I trust our communications will cross in the post and that this will not be the second recorded delivery letter to your office that has “gone astray”, as another recorded delivery letter to your office, went missing in October 2007.

I find this postal “loss” disturbing as the ONLY indication I received from Dr RB John, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan, that I should be retired was by post. The written date was 4th June 1998 and I was removed from the Dental Register, without my knowledge, on 12th June 1998, the day I was admitted to Heath House Priory.

And received this reply

Thank you for your email. Apologies I have looked on the system and we haven’t received this letter. I will put this letter into the Minister.

Interestingly this is the SAME response when ANOTHER RECORDED delivery letter TO Edwina Hart went astray in October 2007. This too was signed for according to the “tracking system”

The Royal Mail seems to be useless OR maybe someone in the Assembly is telling lies.

2nd class post seems to take a week to arrive as shown here Its a pantomime which of course brings the written date of the “letters of mass deception” 4th June 1998 TODAYS DATE 11 years ago. AND I was sectioned and struck off  on the 12th. Is there another way to describe it???

If posted on the 4th I would have received the letter the 11th of June


Just thought that “The Words of My Destruction.” is a good analogy as our George  and Tone were “economical” with the truth about the Weapons of Mass Destruction to start the 2nd Gulf War and look at how THAT turned out all these years later.

No WMD’s and a situation we, the western world are stuck with for an indeterminate time or even for ever. And George and Tone retired with honours and the like. Its our soldiers that are paying for it all now.

The only difference is Dr RB John admits he has lied in the Medical Opinion as stated in the Compliment slip


I will post the reply and also include, at that date, the response a friend received from the English Health Minister. Lets compare them then.


Who the hell do I vote for today???



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